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Sexy In Your Skin

1- There are many different reasons for moving our bodies. Some move to lose weight, some for being healthy and slim and other for protecting himself from many diseases. Whatever the reason was, there is one thing all of us agree about. It is our need to feel sexy in our skin.

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2- There are five rules you must follow if you want to feel sexy in your skin:

 Feel the power of yourself, you must be confident in your abilities and know exactly what you want to achieve.

• Eat healthy food, you must take care of the quality of the food not the quantity. Avoid eating fast and junk food that will give you more fats and calories. And don’t forget the most important thing beside your nutrition, it is training. If you use nutrition to remove fat from your body also use training to shape your body. It will give you the shape that you truly desire.

• Put some strength training into your workouts which gives you a great sense of empowerment and makes you feel sexier. Don’t believe the wrong thought that lift only light weights for high repetitions and don’t lift heavy weights as they will make you big and bulky.

• Celebrate every progress you reach it even if it was a small one, but this will make you feel more confidence, increase your belief in your abilities and make you excited to achieve more results and progress.

• Put a plan for yourself and focus on following it. You must have a clear vision about what you want to achieve.

FREE Download (The All Guide) … Limited Offer

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