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7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

Nothing compares to that first time a woman becomes a mother. The overwhelming emotions that accompany bringing a child into this world and the intense knowledge that her own life has become permanently bound to and altered by this new life is both unforgettable and humbling.

One of the most obvious and difficult changes new moms experience is the lack of time to accomplish anything outside of caring for the new baby. Coping with new motherhood while continuing to deal with every other aspect of life takes massive adjustment.  So, any gift that makes her life easier or that shows your understanding of her new status is always a good idea. Today, we are going to give you a list of seven great gifts that you can give to a new mom to help her feel happy and appreciated.

1 A baby monitor

Any new mother is going to love getting a baby monitor because it allows her to keep an eye on her baby no matter where she is in the home. This one comes with a very long video and audio range and provides the perfect easy monitoring experience. A baby monitor is a handy gift, and it gives the parents and anyone else in the family the ability to check up on the child at any time.

Baby-monitor-e1552322488392-675x592 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

2 Portable changing table pad

A portable changing table pad is a quite practical and useful gift that will be greatly appreciated by every new mom. This simple item makes running errands just a bit simpler.  It is a great way for any mom to change her child in any situation without sacrificing her baby’s comfort and removing worries about cleanliness while out and about. These are waterproof, so they are perfect for this purpose and very durable.

Portable-changing-table-pad-baby-gift-675x450 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

Portable-changing-table-pad-baby-gift-1-675x455 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

3 Get her a star map

What about a gift to remind her of the special day she became a mother?  A custom star map is a sure way to capture how stars looked on that specific day. This map can be hung on the wall, looks amazing and is absolutely a conversation starter any time someone comes visiting.

birthday-star-map-675x675 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

4 A gift that keeps her hydrated

With so much focus on the baby’s needs, mothers often forget to take care of themselves.  Staying hydrated is essential to everyone’s well-being, but this is especially so for new mothers.  It can be hard to remember to stay hydrated with so much else happening or when out with the baby. Give her a nice, durable and reliable water bottle that will keep her water cool all day long with a resistant stainless steel material. Kool 8 water bottles are light, look super stylish and come in various colors.  Plus, they come with only 2-day delivery. This is a great gift any mother will appreciate. Staying hydrated will help give moms some of the extra energy they need to get through the day.

water-bottle-675x799 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

5 A practical coffee maker

If keeping hydrated is not enough to sustain energy levels, surely new mothers can do so with a hot cup of coffee. Giving a coffee maker to a new mom is an excellent gift that she will appreciate every morning and whenever else she needs some extra energy. A coffee maker is usually a perfect gift to give to anyone, but mothers, needing energy after sleepless nights, are going to appreciate this the most.

coffee-maker-675x675 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

drinking-coffee-at-home-675x512 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

6 A customized T-Shirt

Sometimes the best way to make a new mom happy is to make her smile. You could get her a custom athletic shirt for women that says something like “Tired but always pretty” or the more prosaic “the world’s greatest mom.” There are many possibilities, so just get her one that fits her personality, and she will, without a doubt, love this gift.

performance-womens-tshirt 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

7 A journal

Many mothers love to keep a journal of their baby’s first year and all the discoveries that appear day-by-day. There is no point keeping such precious memories in a tacky journal.  For a beautiful place to record such an important part of life, you could give her a nice vintage leather bound journal.  She might be tired, but with a well constructed and attractive journal, she will still be inspired to fill up the journal by writing about all the amazing moments that are occurring every day. This is always going to be a great item for any mom because years later, she and her child can look back at all of these experiences.

Diary-notebook-e1552323990149-675x578 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

Diary-notebook-1-e1552324126406-675x548 7 Trendy Gifts for The New Mom

Final thoughts

If you want to give a new mom a great gift, make sure that it is something she can use now that she is a mother. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an item to use with or for her baby. It could simply be something for her personal use. The point is to make her life easier with something nice and practical.

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