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7 Benefits Of Hot Pepper

The hot pepper was planting only in south America, till its discover by Christopher Columbus which make all the world tend to plant hot pepper. Nutritionally, hot pepper contains high quantities of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium. It also produce Beta Carotene which transfer into the human body to Vitamin A. Some people like eating hot food, while others don’t prefer to eat it, because they think that its hot taste could make healthy harms. The capsaicin which is responsible for giving the hot taste, get a lot of studies and researches of many researchers all over the world to reach to its benefits.

The seven benefits of hot pepper are:

  1. The capsaicin fights the cancerous tumors, it makes the cancerous cells to go suicide.
  2. The researches show the importance of capsaicin in reducing weight and burning fats and calories.
  3. The capsaicin helps in getting rid of stomach bacteria H.pylori which causes acidity and burn.
  4. Some researches in Canada assured that capsaicin protect from diabetes disease and cure it, these researches were run on some rats and there is no tries to run it on human.
  5. Hot pepper reduces cholesterol rate in blood, reduce vascular diseases and the researches confirms that countries which eat hot food a lot has a low death rate of heart and arteries diseases from other countries.
  6. It can treat the migraine headache, controls the nervous system P and it can be used as an active esthetic for teeth.
  7. The capsaicin can reduce sinus infections and congestion.

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