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Serverpronto is one of the devoted hosting subsidiaries that link information through its personal network. It is capable of sustaining superfluous fiber optic rings which enables it to directly examine with tier 1 internet backbones. Serverpronto has experienced staff with proper skills of construction and maintaining servers and the computer networks. All the servers used by server pronto are usually enclosed in a protected and reinforced information centers. The enclosure has surplus power and lightning rapid fiber links.

The pronto server package will always be friendly to your machine as it committed to cater for your needs. It will always update you on the recent patches and OS improvements. Incase it goes off then it will alert you so that you can reboot and this is normally done for free. Those using serverpronto usually don’t encounter problems in site traffic, flexibility, control and slow speed and there is always a room to develop.

Server Pronto Price Value:

Are you worried of its cost and probably thinking that you can’t afford serverpronto for your machine? You are assured of getting one as they are affordable more so having guaranteed network uptime. It has a wide variety of servers, both the AMD and Intel starters features 200GB, 256MB RAM and 40GB hard drives. Fedora Core and Ubuntu are the most admired choices of serverpronto which are also Linux based. They have the web min control panel that is totally scaled to suit the available demands.

Network guarantee of serverpronto is unmatched 99%, they characterize condition of the hardware’s art, totally redundant connectivity and network in their carrier rank information centre. This is done to ensure all the clients receive consistent dedicated and high performing servers.

For serverpronto, the only available hot line is sales and not clients service hot line. However, the clients’ issues that are related to services are normally tackled through ticketing and email which is reliable and clients are offered detailed and prompt useful responses.

Websites are quite appealing when they have great scripts which are only offered through the Cpanel. However for serverpronto, one is required to pay an extra fee every month for it to be installed to the server package. It contains premium multi housed bandwidth which is grounded to a quicker accessible carrier through the recent technology.

Pronto servers have premium grade new servers that consist of value components has the ability to hold up demanding information centre environments. Their servers are always new and never used by other clients.


  1. Warning, Never use this hosting company! This is a fraudulent company. They charge me again and again even after an account cancellation… after 1 year they still try to make payment to my old credit card and they nevey stop!! They try it everyday! So think about it! I prepaid 3 month and use the server 2 week after that i cannot use the server… lot of bug and the support was not free from the company. So i decided to cancel it but they dont and try to charge again an again. So NEVER give you credit card info to that fraud company! Believe me…

  2. There is a reason why these guys have a F rating with the BBB. They will steal your hard earned money. Canceling is a joke with them and even if you are able to cancel they will still bill you anyway. Do some research and search “serverpronto fraud” in google.

  3. I suggest you to not give them your CC number, they will bill your CC whenever they want without your authorization. They took my money 25 days in advanced, I asked to be refound 15 days ago and still waiting…

  4. Never register with this site! They are a scam, will keep charging your card without notification. When I originally signed up and got talked into buying this terrible hosting package the sales person said I would be able to cancel at anytime via the phone. Now I’ve been trying to cancel for 6 MONTHS! Still they keep emailing me saying that I owe them money. I’ve had to cancel my credit card that was attached to the account. Now they are telling me to fill out a form and mail it in. Mailed it in a couple months ago and just today I get an email from them saying they want money from me or will send it to collections. I’ve had to fill out another form and was able to email it in. Doubt it will do anything at this point. If you don’t pay they send it to collections so it screws over your credit. ServerPronto is probably one of the biggest scams you’ll ever come across. Watch our for their parent company InfoLink as well. Being a search engine specialist I can tell they pay a lot to keep reputation management going for their company. Just never go to ServerPronto. ServerPronto = SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  5. They have taked the money after I´ve cancelled the service.

    Not support answer.

    It´s really dangerous.

    Be carefull.

    Do not register with serverpronto.com

    Keep away from them


  6. I have a dedicated server with serverpronto. I had some initial problems getting the advertised 100Mbit speed (They limit you to 10Mbit on creation of the server, and you have to put in a ticket to be upgraded to 100/100Mbit) Initially the speed did not come up, but they are prompt on trouble tickets and after 3 e-mail exchanges with there tech support I got the advertised 100Mbit full duplex.

    Note1: These are unmanaged servers, If you are not familiar with Linux and or dedicated servers, you might go with a different company that provides managed boxes. I however use Linux 100% at home and work and had no trouble configuring my server, including installing Gnome desktop environment.

    Note2: The automated billing system did try to charge my card every day, I put in a trouble ticket, and they cured this for me in 4 hours. Also, I would recommend using a re-loadable debit card to avoid any over-billing issues.

    Other than the above, my server is at 100% uptime and I can achieve 11.5MB/s, 24/7’s to eu or us.

    The server is very stable and for $41.25 a month and 5TB b/w I believe they are the best bargain on the market today.

    So if you know Linux, remote server administration and want true 100Mbit @ 5TB b/w a month, see my notes above and you should have no problems with them.

    Also, I installed a full GUI, if you do that, your on your own to know how to configure and manage your server, as their tech support is not very Linux savvy when you add a full desktop environment. So basically if you have little experience with Linux and try to create a remote GUI box, expect a somewhat steep learning curve and doing a bit of googleing, or you may brick the box and have to pay $69.95 to have them re-image your OS to default.

    I got the starter package and the processor speed and memory allocation is very good for the specs offered with that package.

    Overall I’m very happy with a server that I would have, and have in the past, paid over $100.00 a month with other server providers.

    Just make sure you harden your server against hacking (Google-Non default Open-SSH and VNC ports, SSH2 tunnel your VNC (remote desktop) connections, use SFTP (SSH) file transfers and enable iptables (firewall). Also change your root password and you will have a very secure server.

    Note: I am in noway affiliated with infolink or serverpronto, just a satisfied customer!

  7. My dedicated server on ServerPronto experienced a total crash including both hard drive and motherboard.

    Since there I was no recoverable data, I had to cancel my account.

    ServerPronto insisted on charging me for an additional month because I hadn’t given them 30 days notice, even though I’d been a customer for more than three years.

    Furthermore, to cancel my account, they made me fax them a copy of the front and back of my drivers license and my credit card, even though they already had my credit card on file. There was no good reason for this except to make it more difficult to cancel, and it increased the risk that my credit card information would misused. I received no confirmation of cancellation until I pressed them for it.

    While my account was active, there were a number of networking and datacenter issues; several times the whole ServerPronto site was down.

  8. A ripoff company. They started a new scam where they bill your credit card 2 times. If you contact them they say they will refund it, but they don’t. You then need to dispute it with your credit card company, but when that charge gets back to server pronto they will just shut off your server.

  9. I’ve been hosting with ServerPronto for years now and I am very satisfied with their services. They do not support managed hosting, so to some extend you should know what you are doing, but when it comes to support tickets or reboot requests their respond times are great. And on top of everything, their prices are unbeatable.

    I keep it pronto!

  10. Even thou I am not hosting with them anymore, I can only recommend ServerPronto’s dedicated server solutions. You get great up-time and a powerful connection for an affordable price. They did double bill me once but processed a refund immediately. Regarding the cancellation, I don’t know what all the talk is about. I sent the required docs and that was it. I never had problems with them. A good host!

  11. They try to bill my credit card 1 year after I have canceled. Enough said. Run away from this company.

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