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ServerGenie.com Hosting Review !

 About The Host:

 ServerGenie.com offers its industry leading hosting and datacenter services to companies all over the world. It can do this by building four state-of-the-art facilities located in the U.S. and U.K.

The company was founded in 2004 and has grown into the globally recognized powerhouse that can claim many Fortune 500 companies as their clients.

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 Services and features of The Host:

ServerGenie.com offers a wide range of services to offer its clients including:


Virtual Servers

Standard Web Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Compliance Hosting

Affiliate Program


 Along with the services it adds some additional features

  • All calls get answered within 25 minutes
  • Contact support via Email, Chat or phone 24 hrs x 7 days a week
  • No cost domain and website transfer
  • All systems are backup at no extra cost


 Advantages of The Host:

business can easily afford. Price, Service and Support are #1 in our book, which means the customer comes first with us. You will see that reflected in every service we deliver.


 Guarantees of The Host:

They have built a system of high quality hardware and highly trained employees that allows them to boast a 99.9%  up time. In case of any issues, they guarantee all of their clients they will respond to a support call within 25 minutes.


 Reliability Of The Host:

The ability of any data storage  and web hosting company to provide its clients continued access to their data is how it is measured. ServerGenie.com is able to guarantee that their network will remain up and accessable. This is accomplished by using only industrial grade equipment in all four of their data centers.

Along with the high quality equipment, ServerGenie.com employes top notch customer service representatives and highly trained technicians to ensure their clients are assured their data is safe.


 Customer Support:

 ServerGenie.com provides all of customers an option of purchasing a plan that is either managed or unmanaged. The un-managed plans only cover hardware, network and rebooting of the servers. However, fully managed accounts get setup, control panel administration and monitoring services at a minimal monthly charge.



After our research of the data center and web hosting services provided by ServerGenie.com we would highly recommend them. They lived up to all of their guarantees and their customer service was extremely helpful.


 The Host Coupons, Offers Or deals if available:

 The only deal we were able to find offered by ServerGenie.com is they offer a free months service to those propective clients looking to transfer a VPS they have with another company. On top of the free months service they are willing to match what you currently pay.

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