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All About Server Resources | Best Trusted Web Host To Get

What are the server resources?

They are the processor, memory, data base …and so on

Most of the corporations these days tends to use Bandwidth and resources system which is very common system used by international companies like Inmotion Hosting and many others.

This system identify the main sources of the server for each website for example the consumption of the processor in each website could be 5% for 5 seconds.

So if the website exceeded this percentage the server block it automatically and inform it that the website will be temporarily shut down for certain period could extend for awhile, but if the website doesn`t contain such system the whole server will be locked or there will be enormous load over it which leads to the slowness of all websites on the host company.

What is the importance of this system?

If your website doesn’t have such system it would be very big problem because your website will cause the shut of the whole server and it may extend for a very long time which will effect negatively on the other websites on the server but if you are depending on common hosting company the whole websites must work with the same efficiency.


What will happen if my website has small size?

The size of the site doesn`t effect at all on the sources consumption there might be 50 mega website but effects the server very much also there might be 10 GEGA site but doesn’t affect the resources.


What is the difference between them?

In this case the difference is in the codes as the big websites has the codes written correct and it can’t be hacked or any misspelling that could affect the resources consumption (processor, memory and data base) but there might be some codes leads to the slowness of the sites.


How can I know whether the codes right or wrong?

In this case you will need to consult the developers or the programmers and also you must know that there are hackings that raise the load of the website like VBSEO hack also there are many other reasons:

1-the backup information in the website

2-data base preparations in the control room of the website

3-email sending process

4-counters updating in the site


How can we solve such problems?

In this case you have to ask the main host and he will tell you the best solutions for the hosting (backup version – data base reforming) or may be shutting the resource system for certain while till the counters repaired.


 What is The Best Web Host To Use?

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