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Servage is one of the experienced web hosting companies as it was founded in 1998 which shows that it has been in web hosting industry for 15 years till now. The company’s aim since it was first founded is to provide its customers with all the services that they need with high quality and to always update the offered services in order to cope with the latest technological changes and to satisfy its customers. The company succeeded to host 195.315 websites till now, however it still has the ability to host more and more websites without having the quality of services affected by the growing number of the customers. In addition to the company’s head office at Flensburg, Germany, there are other branch offices in different countries around the world such as Sweden, the USA and Australia. All of these offices allow the company to meet the growing demands and the increasing number of the customers and they also help the company to provide the customers in different places with the needed support.

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ٍServage presents to its customers an unlimited web hosting plan at a very low price. You can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, free domain name registration, IPv6 support, Linux operating system, unlimited hosted websites, unlimited FTP accounts, 1000 MySQL databases, unlimited auto responders, unlimited e-mail forwarders, unlimited newsletters, free domain transfer from another web host with the the ability to choose from many different top domains such as .com, .net, .org and more and you can also get online web statics which provide you with the needed information about the number of visitors to your website.

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Servage offers more services to its customers as in addition to the web hosting, you can also get more domain names that differ in their prices according to the top domain which comes at the end of the domain name such as .com and .org. There is also the ability to get a Virtual Private Server which is known as VPS and it presents to you the ability to access your virtual server and to have a full control on it.

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Control panel

You get a free site builder that can be easily used and it allows you to build your website on your own without the need to have programming experience, web based administration panel that allows you to access all the tools of the company at anytime, online file manager that enables you to control and modify file and folders through the control panel, a script auto-installer that helps you to install different scripts that are essential for developing your website easily with few clicks and among the popular scripts and applications that you can install through Servage auto installer are WordPress and Joomla which are widely used in web hosting.


Servage guarantees your website to be always up and running through presenting a clustered platform for the first time in web hosting and this platform is considered to be the latest and the most advanced hosting platform. The servers are mirrored, they are always in redundant setups and are automatically replaced by cluster nodes in case there is a problem in one of the servers. All of these features guarantees a 99.98% uptime which means that your website will be never down and the visitors will be able to access your site at anytime quickly and at a high speed without suffering from any downtime.

The company ensures a 97% satisfaction to its customers through the high speed of the network and the high quality of the services that are offered. With the company and through the Whols Privacy service which is offered for free, you can enjoy your privacy as all of your personal information and details are completely protected and are not shared with the public. You can have your email account protected from spammers through the Active Anti-Spam and protected from viruses through a free filter. You also get SSL to protect your server and website during the communication with its visitors. The company presents RAID disk arrays to protect your website and data in case there is a hard-disk failure.

Customer support

You are provided with a 24/7/365 customer support through a professional support staff that quickly responds to you to answer all of your questions and handle the issues that you face with your website that is hosted with the company. The average time at which you will get a response to your demands is 20 minutes, so you will not need to wait for a long time to get your questions answered or to resolve your problems. Servage offers different support channels through which you can contact the support staff and get the needed help such as support ticket system, e-mail, phone, fax, postal mail and live chat.

Price value

The prices that are offered for getting the services are reasonable and affordable for many customers as they start at $2.95 per month for the unlimited web hosting plan and $19.95 per month for the Virtual Private Server or VPS. The lowest price for getting a domain name starts at $7.99 per year for ( .de) and the highest price is $49.99 per year for ( .tv).

Customer ratings

Most of the customers who tried hosting their websites with Servage assure that the uptime is really reliable, they always have their websites fast, up and running, the customer support is always available, the support staff is really friendly and helpful, the average time of the response to your demands and questions is less than 20 minutes, the technical support is good, the services are offered at a reasonable price and they are always improved. However, there are some customers who found that the control panel is little bit difficult when they first started to use it, but after that it has become easy for them and there are also others who suffered from slight technical problems that were quickly solved. Another thing that is considered by some customers as a disadvantage is that the account or subscription is automatically renewed without informing you.

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