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$ 4.2 Million for Batman Car

A man from Arizona fond of the character Batman cart used by these personal in the famous TV he bought this car at $ 4.2 million during the auction.

Rick  Champaign who owns a company to provide logistics won a buggy black two-seater sports that have appeared in the series (Batman), starring Adam West and Burt Word from 1966 to 1968 after outbidding enthusiastic held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Champaign (56 years) after buying the car at an auction yesterday ‘grew to love Batman and I came here the intention to buy the car. Really been able to buy them and the dream came true. ‘

This was the first time that put the car in the auction. In addition to the price of the car, a $ 4.2 million will be on the buyer to pay about 420 thousand dollars in addition to the price premiums for insurance.

Batman car is basically a car model Lincoln Futura in 1955, a car manufactured by Ford Motor Company in Italy.

In 1965 he bought the car of one million dollars George Paris, who was in front of him 15 days to prepare the car for the famous TV series and adjusted as required in the amount of 15 thousand dollars. Paris and owned a car since then.

Paris said he made a lot of cars for film and TV series before, but this car should have been clearly different from the rest of the car.

He said Paris (87 years), in an interview before the auction ‘I want this car to act like the rest of the actors. The car must be a star in itself. I have done. ‘

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