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Is “Sunflower” Seeds a Healthy Snack?

Are you looking for Fast food improve your overall health, diseases and protect you this day and age? Enjoy eating a handful of sunflower seeds taste delicious to give you a feeling of satiety while providing vitamins and minerals rare your body needs, in our topic this you will find amazing information about the importance of sunflower seeds.. CONTINUE reading:


Quarter cup of sunflower seeds provides the body third requirements of magnesium per day, the metal proved many of the studies that reduces severity of asthma and reduces the pressure and prevent waves headaches and migraine and reduces angina and stroke and works to relax the nerves and calm and prevent depression, and is magnesium metal important to the health of bone and to generate energy in the body.

Vitamin E:

Seeds are the sun of the richest food in vitamin E, it handled a quarter cup of sunflower seeds give you more than 90% of your needs of vitamin E in that day, and this vitamin properties healthy wonderful is the most important vitamin greasy anti-venom and anti-inflammatory, and is useful in the treatment of some diseases such as asthma, arthritis and rheumatic diseases, also found that vitamin E reduces colon cancer also reduces heat waves face suffered by women at the age of hope, and help prevent complications of diabetes and is useful in preventing heart problems, where prevent hardening of the arteries, as studies have shown that people who eat large amounts of this vitamin do not suffer from cardiovascular problems compared to those who ate small amounts of it.


Provides a quarter cup of sunflower seeds body third needs of selenium on that day a mineral important for healthy body has shown many of the studies that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of consumption of selenium and cancer incidence, which shows that selenium strengthens and repairs molecule DNA in diseased cells, which prevents evolution cells into cancer cells, and selenium enters in some Albrooatinat installation which plays an important role in preventing cancer.


Sunflower seeds are second plant foods rich in this article after the sesame, which are similar in characteristics cholesterol, but it works and its presence in the food to lower cholesterol in the blood

Honey, after this amazing information, Domi eating sunflower seeds as one of the healthy foods daily.

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