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See What Successful Traders Do with 123Binary

123Binary is one of the leading brokers in the market of trading binary options. It provides its customers with a wide range of assets to allow them to choose what they want and to help them to increase their profits, the latest technology to be able to cope with the conditions of the financial market that always change, powerful tools and unique platform that is reliable and can be easily used by binary options traders without difficulties. 123Binary’s main goal is to make trading, registering and funding fast, easy and entertaining as much as possible. So, 123Binary tries to prepare a good environment that is suitable for trading professionally and boosting the profits that are made.

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♦ Education center

It does not matter whether you are a professional trader or that you are still a novice trader who does not know how to  trade binary options because regardless of your level of experience, you will be able to trade with 123Binary. It tries to make it simple and easy for you to make money through providing you with all the resources that are required for learning how to trade binary options. You will get e-books, videos, simulators and a one-on-one trading session that is presented by a professional.

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♦ Social trading

123Binary gives you the chance to communicate with other binary options traders with 123Binary to make use of their experience and know the trading strategies that they follow to be able to make the right decision on your own and to make high profits without the need to risk your money or to try strategies that come at the end to fail. You have also the ability to access limit order trading.

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♦ Updated information

The information about the market is the main source of money. It can help you to make high profits and can be the main cause to lose your money if you did not get the right and updated information which is real throughout the day. For this reason, 123Binary provides its users with all the information, rates and events about the binary options market that are  constantly updated all the time and everyday.

♦ Reliability

123Binary provides its customers with a reliable platform that is developed to help the traders to use it easily without requiring a specific level of proficiency and to provide the traders with the flexibility that they need for trading. It uses the SSL encryption technology and powerful tools to allow the traders to trade easily and make high profits. 123Binary guarantees the deposits and withdrawals of funds to be safe, fast and easy. Your personal details are also guaranteed to be safe and not to be shared with others. With 123Binary, you can get a 99.98% uptime through the offered platform which means that you will not suffer from downtime and you will be able to trade at anytime to make the profits that you seek.

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♦ Accounts & deposits

123Binary offers different types of accounts to satisfy your requirements as you have Standard account, Premium account, Platinum account and Black Platinum. Each account has its conditions, advantages and disadvantages which refers to some features that are not available for the traders who have specific types of accounts. The minimum deposit that is required for starting an account with 123Binary is $250. You can open an account for free and win a bonus for your new account.

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♦ Customer support

Starting from creating your account with 123Binary, you will get the needed support that is presented by a group of professional experts. The support is available around  the clock as you will get a 24-hour support for 5 days per week. There are different support channels that are offered to you in order to be able to contact the support team such as phone, e-mail, and live chat.

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♦ Cons

123Binary does not offer a demo account. In fact, this type of account is beneficial especially for beginners who want to try trading and following different strategies without risking their money. The minimum deposit that is required for opening a new account which is $250 is considered by some customers to be little bit high.

♦ Customer ratings

The overall rating is that 123Binary is recommended by most of the customers who tried to trade binary options with it. They assure that it has helped them a lot to make profits and to learn how to trade in this market. The best feature for them is the social trading that allows them to benefit from others’ experiences and see what those successful traders do.

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