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Seashell Jewelry as a Natural Gift

Who does not like going to the beach for enjoying a beautiful time? One of the most visited places in summer is the beach. There are many things that you can enjoy while being on the beach such as the breathtaking view of the sun, water, sand, waves and what is brought from the sea to the shore by waves including seashells and other treasures that can be found in the sea. Seashells are considered to be attractive pieces for children who like collecting them while playing on the beach and the seashells also attract adults by their catchy appearance which encourages them to collect some of the seashells but not for playing with them like young children as these seashells can be used for creating a diversity of creative and unique items such as jewelry. Yes, instead of collecting some seashells and taking them to your home to be finally thrown away without doing anything with them, you can turn them into jewelry by simply using your mind, making use of your imagination and looking at some seashell jewelry pieces to be inspired.

Seashells were first used as currencies and after that they started to be used in creating jewelry as they were believed to bring good luck and to protect their wearers from evil spirits. Nowadays, seashells are used as natural and fashionable pieces of jewelry for everyone. It does not matter whether you are old or young and have a prior experience or it is the first time for you to create jewelry pieces on your own because in all of these cases you will be able to create seashell jewelry. Creating seashell jewelry does not require being a professional jewelry designer or even purchasing expensive materials because depending on the seashells that you have and other simple materials that you can find around you at your home or any local craft store, you will be able to finish creating your seashell jewelry.

The only problem that you can find while working with your seashells is that they are fragile and can be easily broken but you can overcome this problem through attaching the seashells to any hard surface like wood and through using fast speed drills for making holes. After finishing designing and creating your seashell jewelry, you have to coat it with a non-yellowing clear gloss to protect your seashell jewelry, make it durable and keep it shiny as long as possible.

One of the best ideas is to start making seashell jewelry and present it as a nice gift for all of those whom you love on different occasions. You can personalize the seashell jewelry through adding the initials of the recipients, a special date or even writing your initial and the recipient’s initial with each other to show your deep love to him\her.

Because there are many people who like to wear seashell jewelry but in precious materials like gold or silver which is encrusted with diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones, jewelry designers decided to design creative pieces of jewelry which are inspired by seashells but are made through using more precious and expensive materials to make the jewelry pieces more valuable.