Samoyed Is a Fluffy, Gorgeous and Perfect Companion Dog

Samoyed is a Russian name that refers to a dog breed and it is also known as Bjelkier in Europe. The name Samoyed is taken from groups of people who live in Siberia and are called Samoyedic peoples. Samoyed’s nick names are “Smiley” and “Sammie smile”. These fluffy and gorgeous dogs were mainly bred by their owners to be used for herding and pulling sleds. The average weight of males ranges from 23 – 30 kg, while the weight of females ranges from 17 – 25 kg. The approximate height of males ranges from 53-60 cm (21-23.5 inches), while the height of females ranges from 48-53 cm (19-21 inches). Samoyed dogs have almond shaped eyes that are usually colored in black or brown.


♦ How do they look like?

Samoyed dogs are completely covered with fur even if their ears which are thick and look like triangles. They are totally white and you can rarely find some of them with dark or light brown tint around the tips of their ears. They have long tails which are curled to touch their backs, they drop their tails down when they are relaxed or eating and curl them up when they are alerted. Samoyeds have thick and double layer coats that are white and have a hint of the silver color that can be hardly noticed. The hair of the top coat is long, straight and coarse, while that of the under coat is soft, short and dense.

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♦ Temperament

Samoyeds are friendly and that is why you cannot use them as guardians for you or your home because such a task requires a dog which is aggressive and less friendly to people than Samoyeds. They are obedient, perfect companions and can be only used as watch dogs for alerting you when they notice something strange that comes close to them by barking. They are not only friendly and loyal to their owners, but they are also playful even the old ones and friendly to young children and other pets even if they are other dog breeds which makes it safe for you to breed Samoyeds in your home without worrying about what they may do.


♦ Do not think to leave them doing nothing for a long time

Samoyeds are active and were bred by their owners in Russia to help them in herding and pulling sleds and that is why you have to avoid leaving them without doing anything because when they are bored they can turn your home into a mess and start digging. You can take it for outdoor playing such as playing fly ball and they are also perfect at carting and herding without the need to be trained for a long time as they quickly respond to commands and learn quickly since they were used for herding and pulling sleds before.


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