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Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine’s Day

Showing love and appreciation is not to be done on a certain day. Valentine’s Day has a special place in our hearts, however. Sometimes we may wonder whether it is innate and we are born with this appreciation for love, or it is the influence of the movies, songs, and media, in general. Despite all that, we never give up on expressing our feelings with words, actions, and gifts. Sometimes it is perplexing to think of a gift, for your lover, to express your sentiments. Here is your Valentine’s Day gifts guide, so you can get inspired, and present what impresses your lovey-dovey.

7  Jewellery 

No doubt that necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and womens watches are the ultimate valentine’s day present you can offer the lady you are in love with. It is very common to give a woman such gifts, but who said that women get bored with jewelry? Jewelry was, is and will always impress women. On a side note, we are not talking only about diamonds here; Simple accessories that display elegance and sophistication would do perfectly.

Here are some designs and brands that may inspire you; Alex Woo is a fashion designer whose work is mainly in New York. Woo seemingly designs simple necklaces that a woman can opt for when heading to work, or when dressing to kill for parties. Rarely do we find necklaces that go for different occasions. There are three styles: sterling silver, yellow gold, or gold with diamonds. The necklace also features a short studded chain with a small bee shaped lock. You can purchase the necklace from Amazon for the whopping price of $148 for the silver one! The yellow gold and gold with diamonds are more costly. It comes with free one-day shipping.

Alex Woo Bee Pendant Necklace Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 2
And what about bestowing your lady a to-die-for pair of earrings? Despite the fact that they are quite simple, they are supremely elegant. It is quite charming and simple to make a statement that expresses deftness and finery.
Like the Alex Woo necklace, Mejuri earrings are for everyday basis and special occasions. You can purchase Mejuri Grace Orbit Earrings for a whopping price of $65 and Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings for $170.

Mejuri grace earrings side Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 3

Is it possible that the way to express love has to costs you an arm and a leg? Of course, no! and we are sure that the lady for whom you have a soft spot holds the same opinion. There are alternative ways that cost much less!

6  A box of chocolates 

We are all aware of the established fact that women have a soft spot for chocolates. You can maintain your Joliette’s heart and love if you just hold a heart-shaped box that contains heart-shaped chocolate waiting in the courtyard beneath her balcony. It is romantic and will keep your lovey-dovey smitten.

heart shaped box of chocolate 2 Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 4

heart shaped box of chocolate Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 5

5  A bouquet of flowers 

How come that such a list does not comprise flowers? When opting for a romantic, simple and expressive gift that speaks louder than words. In this case, actions and simple gifts are given voices! All you have to do is to head to her favorite florist and ask him to pick her favorite roses and design the bouquet beautifully. You can take another step and bring the bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolate and bent on your knee, offering them to her.

Roses Candy Chocolate Red Box Heart Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 6

4  Take her out for dinner 

Some girls are not into flowers and chocolate! It is okay if your girlfriend or wife is one of them, you have to find what she loves, in order to draw a smile on her face. If she is a fan of burgers, pizza or even French food! You can take her to her favorite restaurant and let her order the favorite meal. Just imagine you and your partner, chatting and holding hands in a cozy, dim-lit restaurant, eating your favorite meal and laughing your heart out.

valentine dinner for two Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 7

valentines dinner Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 8

3  Valentine’s Day Card 

Do not forget to add a simple touch! You know cards are a kind of unpretentious way to convey your feeling and tell your partner that you are head over heels with her. However, it really works its magic. All you have to do is to write the content yourself and be honest. Furthermore, focus on the little things that make her special, besides the fact that you love her for who she is, but mentioning the small things and details of your lady such as what she does with her nose when she smiles shows your love and care.

valentines day cards picture wallpaper Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 9

Valentines card Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 10

2  Her favourite book 

Think of your bibliophile when you show her the new collection of Shakespeare’s plays, Jane Austen’s romantic collection or Even Harry Potter series. It is quite impressive to find a girl who reads. John Green said, “Nerd girls are the world’s most underutilized romantic resource”. Nerd is the new hot by many guys’ standards. If you are one of these guys, get a kindle or even an actual book to your own beloved.

books gift Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 11

online books gifts Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 12

1  Engagement Ring?! 

Think of it! If you and your partner are ready to tie the knot, seize the opportunity of spending Valentine’s Day together and bent on one knee and pop the big question. Despite the fact that such an act will make your girl burst into tears -tears of joy, you will prove how much you love her and you are aware that she is the one, the one with whom you want to spend your life.

engagement ring Romantic Gifts For Your Lady on the Valentine's Day - 13

Finally, Gifts as jewelry, chocolate, diamond rings, and flowers draw their effect from the way you offer them. Thus, a simple smile with a compliment would make her day and render her on cloud nine. What really matters is that you really want to make someone happy and to let them know that they mean a lot to you. Showing love is the real Valentine gift for you and her.

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