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Rockbridge Designs Review (Advantages, Disadvantages, Coupon Codes, …)

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About Rockbridge Designs Company:

Rockbridge Designs is aimed for the small business companies and contractors. They offer website designing services, server hosting services, content management systems, and SEO hosting, social networking you name it their list goes on and on.

Rockbridge Designs is an offspring division from Rockbridge Services LCC. Rockbridge Services LLC also houses Rockbridge Hosting, and Rockbridge Publishing. What Rockbridge Designs specializes in is making interactive websites for small business companies, and contractors to help showcase their company more via the internet.


Rockbridge Designs Services and Features:

Rockbridge Designs offer you 4 affordable website creator plans for beginners and those seeking more advanced services like content management systems.


For Beginners there is the:

Website Creator Lite– Not sure if you want to go with Rockbridge Designs? You can try out their services free for a trial run. If you like you can then move onto their Website Creator plans.

Website Creator Basic – Perfect for a beginner and it features 60 templates, a set up wizard to help get your started. Price $7.16 a month.

Website Creator Full – It features 200 templates to choose from, for a custom designed website with unlimited pages/ photo pages option, and more. Price $8.76 a month

Website Creator eCommerce – You get 300 templates to choose from. This plan is perfect for if you want to use your website for selling goods and services.

For more advance customers: that are interested in content management they have their Gold, Silver and Bronze packages that range from: Bronze- 11.95 a month

Silver -$14.95 a month

Gold -$35.95 a month


Advantages of Choosing Rockbridge Designs:

What are some advantages from Rockbridge Designs?

1. They use Word Press for their content management system

2. You can get a website no matter what your computer experience level.

3. Offer a free trial even in their advance packages.


Rockbridge Designs Guarantees:

Rockbridge Designs sounds promising, but you may be still skeptical. One thing Rockbridge Designs promises you is that you can have a website no matter if you know a thing or two about web design, or if you know nothing about web design. Rockbridge Designs can make it happen for you. That is a pretty nice guarantee.


Rockbridge Designs Reliability Review:

The reliability of Rockbridge Designs is they are very versatile in their services. They can service the beginner to the advanced with ease They have the wonderful wizard set up program to help beginners out. They do not leave out the advance computer savvy small business owners either. They also have great web designing content management plans for them too, plus tutorial available for you to learn even more.


What I Didn’t Like about Rockbridge Designs?

As great as Rockbridge Designs is sounding me and their prices are truly reasonable they do charge a high priced one time design and set up fee in their Gold, Silver and Bronze packages which might be a bit steep for some who may be on a budget even though the program is a low say $11.95 a month.

Their return policy is also a bit to be disliked.  They only refund you 50% of your total set up fee not all of it. They explain the why but it’s really confusing. I makes you wonder if they worded it that way to just do that, confuse you into losing your hard earned money to them.


Customer support
Rockbridge Designs Customer Support:

Rockbridge Designs boast their customer support is there to help you deal with your technical problems quickly so you can get back to work. Depending on which package you buy though will depend on the type of customer support service you get which in my book sees a bit shady to me.


Customer ratings
Final Conclusion:

In conclusion be sure to read the fine print on everything, and make sure everything coincides with what you want for your business, as well as what you want the company to do for your business. While there were great things with Rockbridge Designs some of their other services lacked (Like their customer support system.).

Rockbridge Designs does offer a special promo on their Gold package with 20% coupon. You must fill out a form though to request this code.

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  1. I use Rockbridge. My advice is that if you are looking into hosting your best choice is Rockbridge Designs. Their price range is amazing to where you can get what you need without having to add on extra features. Very simple, very straight forward.

  2. Awesome review. I haven’t tried them out yet, but from what my colleagues say, they are the best.

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