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About Rochen Hosting:

Rochen.com was offering web design services when the company started in the year 2000, but soon after they entered the web hosting industry. Ever since, they have been offering Unix-based, Reseller and Multi-domain hosting services.

With global data centers in Dallas, Texas and London, England, customers can benefit from quick, redundant storage; performance optimized platform; managed backups two times daily and infrastructures which are wholly managed and owned to deliver services at the highest possible level. Besides that, they have engineers in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom to ensure that they are available 24/7 to serve global customers. Rochen.com also uses the latest system for network management and monitoring 24 hours a day.


Rochen.com Services and Features:

This hosting company provides Business Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Drupal Hosting and various other services.

You can definitely consider Rochen host if you want to start a small business website or a blog or maybe set up a system for content management or a discussion forum. It is easy to upgrade your hosting plan seamlessly without penalty fees or downtime.


Some Key Features:

  • Multiple Domains – Optional
  • PHP / MYSQL script
  • Sub/Parked Domains
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • SAS 15K Storage
  • RAID10 Hardware
  • Web Host Manager – Reseller Panel
  • Perl / PHP 5 / Python
  • Apache Handlers
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Password Protection
  • Raw Logs Access
  • Cron Jobs
  • AW Stats
  • Shared SSL (HTTPS)
  • Apache mod rewrite
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • DNS Zone File Editor
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Blogging
  • Site Builder
  • Fantastico Auto-Installer


Rochen Hosting Advantages:

This host is offering many advantages to customers such as:

  • The hosting of websites for small business, charity and non-profit organization as well as personal blogs and homepages.
  • Web Host Manager and CPanel available for all reseller hosting packages.
  • A hosting environment that is completely isolated.
  • The best set of management tools and technical team to offer consistent support.
  • Excellent infrastructure and hardware; reliable backup systems and fast access to servers and files.


Rochen Host Guarantees:

Rochen.com is offering 15 day money-back guarantee for hosting solutions.


Rochen Hosting Reliability Review:

With advanced hardware and systems, Rochen.com is well-known for offering reliable service. They have excellent infrastructure which includes high-definition quad core servers, plus the latest network management systems and enterprise monitoring to ensure that the servers and the overall network is available 24/7.


What I Didn’t Like In Rochen Host:

Even though support is provided through various mediums, there is no toll free number 24/7 as the contact number is not dedicated to technical issues.


Rochen Hosting Support:

Rochen.com provides technical support 24/7 with the help of a global support team. Support is offered via email, forums, helpdesk, AOL Instant Messenger and pager.


Rochen Hosting Coupon Codes, or Promo Codes:

There is a special promotional offer for 10% off the first invoice monthly or annually.


Final Conclusion:

Based on information gathered for this Rochen hosting review, it was obvious that they offer many features with realistic numbers without overselling their hosting plans. So, if you decide to use this company, you will get exactly what you are paying for. This host has a plan for everyone, so you might want to consider them if you are looking for a company that is highly reliable with a strong technical team and secure money back guarantee.

One Comment

  1. One of the aspects that drew me into purchasing web hosting with Rochen Hosting is the ability to important my WordPress based website into it’s sever. It was really a simple thing to do, and one I do not regret. Like many people before me, I originally had web hosting through the company BlueHost (mostly because it is recommended heavily by WordPress). While the service there was not too bad, I had a few bad customer service problems that drove me to find something else to host my websites from. I decided to give Rochen Hosting a try, and it has really been great so far! I hope things stay the way they have been for me over the past year. No frequent or significant downtimes and the customer service is very useful and quick to respond to messages. Not much to complain about at all!

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