How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?

Energy is very necessary in our life as we use it in our homes, factories, companies and every place to which we go. We depend on non-renewable sources of energy and we feel as if we are threatened because the non-renewable sources will vanish one day as a result of our continuous usage to these sources.

Many researches are done today on the renewable sources of energy to decrease the threaten that we face and to get more amount of energy that is generated by the renewable sources. There are many renewable sources for energy such as wind,water and sun. We use the sun for generating solar energy by using solar panels.

Solar-Panels How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
PV-solar-panels How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
massive-panels How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
Nickel-Solar-Panels-2 How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
solar-power-generator How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
solar-panels. How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?

The newest thing in the field of generating solar power is that it will be done by the assistance of Robots. The traditional way that is followed in the process of generating solar energy is using trackers to direct the solar panels towards the sun. There are two types for them , one is named single-axis and dual-axis. Dual-axis tracker is better than the other kind however, it needs more motors which makes it more expensive.

The new design of trackers that are presented by QBotix company is a robotic tracker. It works every 40 minutes as it changes the direction of the panels to follow and face the sun. The robotic trackers are equipped with GPS, sensors and wireless connection to the one who is responsible for the project as it sends reports about the solar panels and the way they work. The robotic trackers are more efficient and cheaper than the traditional types of the trackers. They also allow the solar panels to generate more power. The robots replace the motors in the trackers and they move on a track to move every tracker to the direction of the sun that changes every 40 minutes.

The robotic tracker’s length is about 1.5 meter and the height is about 1 meter. It has the ability to set 200 trackers every 40 minutes. After finishing the last tracker it returns again to the first tracker with which it began and it happens every 40 minutes. The robot that is charged with battery comes with another one as a backup that supports it.

adjusting How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
solar-power-robot-operation How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?
robotic-tracker How Robots Help to Generate Solar Power?

Those robots are also used to generate electricity as they move solar mirrors towards the sun and the mirrors reflect the sunlight to be finally directed to a boiler with water and produces steam that generates electricity, but the company cares more about the solar panels to attract more investments to that field and to be a technological revolution in the field of robots.

Finally, generating more solar power will make it cheapest than it actually is and will decrease our usage to the non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, natural gas, petrol and the other sources that began to be more and more less than the previous days. Robotic trackers will save a lot of money that is spent on the traditional ways of generating solar power as they need many motors to move the trackers. Robotic trackers will help us to secure our children’s future.

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