How do Robo-Bugs Look Like?

Everyday we discover something new about technology that always comes to fascinate us and make us feel that we really live in future. Robots are among the new technological inventions that are developed everyday to keep pace with the new needs and requirements that always change quickly. A new generation of robots called robo-bugs has appeared to us to look stunning in their size. Robo-bugs have taken this name because they actually look like real bugs that we find in our home or any other place. They nearly have the same size of real bugs and move in the same way. Some of the robo-bugs have the ability to crawl quickly and climb heights while there are other robo-bugs which have the ability to fly.

Mechanical Beetle

The robo-bugs take different shapes such as crabs, spiders, mosquitoes and other insects that are common in our world. They have been developed from the heavy bugs that crawl slowly to those which are lighter and quicker. Some of the new robo-bugs have transparent bodies, they are motorized and carry batteries which make the robo-bugs little bit heavy to fly in air easily. They can crawl quickly and climb low heights. They can move on the rough terrain such as sand and rock. The crawling robo-bugs use electronic circuits and can be remotely controlled. They are very small in their sizes to the extent that they can move without being noticed. Robo-bugs can be presented as gifts that will please anyone whatever his\her age is. They are a good source of entertainment for both children and adults to enjoy their time.

green bug
crawling robo

Some of the robo-bugs are very small and light in their weight which allows them to fly in the air to look like an ordinary insect. They have sensors to feel obstacles and avoid them when they start flying and hover in air. This will help the flying robots to live longer and not to be destroyed quickly. The flying robots are very useful and can be used for different purposes. They can smell the air to detect the dangerous substances that may lead to death, can be used for transmitting information when the other means of communication are not available and above all of that, they can be of course used for spying whether it is in wars which is necessary or to be used at our homes for keeping them safe while we are outside and want to keep our eyes on them. Some of the flying robo-bugs are remotely and electrically controlled. Because there is no space on board these flying robots to place sensors and batteries, they are powered and controlled through external batteries and sensors that are connected to them through copper wire.

flying robo

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