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23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs

If you are looking for the right jewelry to match your individual attitude and style, you should check Roberto Coin designs. Whether you want jewelry in white or yellow gold, there are many different designs, patterns, and styles available to suit your requirements. Like the other jewelry in the collections, Roberto Coin rings in yellow and white gold will look perfect on every skin tone.

Roberto Coin, an Italian jewelry designer, is well-known for creating highly innovative and individualistic jewels. This designer uses precious gems and materials in unique ways to make his designs definitive, bold and arresting. For instance, Roberto Coin diamond rings are created to look really fresh and different from the classic gold and diamond that you are accustomed to seeing.
Let’s take a look at Roberto Coin’s collections.

Roberto Coin Cento rings belong to a collection with the 100-facet diamonds from the world’s finest rough cuts. The Cento is the most individual and exclusive diamond today, as it captures the ultimate fire. With the additional facets, the diamond can refract and reflect light to create a sparkling brilliance. If you are shopping for engagement or wedding bands, Roberto Coin engagement rings are definitely worth considering.

Another option to consider when shopping for rings would be the pieces in the Giraffe collection with inspirations from the markings on the giraffes. These jewelry pieces are designed to give a post-modern and ancient feel. The asymmetrical markings are very striking and they give the designs an haute couture or high fashion look. Roberto Coin Giraffe ring has a wide gold band which features diamond markings and tiger’s eye.

You could also choose the Elephant Skin ring with diamonds and yellow or white gold from Roberto Coin’s designs. This ring has a unique design that you can wear with a matching bracelet. Roberto Coin rings from the Elephant Skin collection are created with thin layers or lines of diamonds and gold to give a luxurious look. Unlike the other pieces of jewelry, this collection focuses more on the texture, depth and the shading of the tiny bands when placed against each other instead of precious metals and gems.

Roberto coin stackable rings are also lovely pieces of jewelry that you can get in gold or sterling silver setting. The stackable rings have diamonds placed delicately and tastefully in 18k gold and sterling silver.

Some of the other collections that you can find for Roberto Coin include the Cobra, Woven Silk and the Appasionata, all featuring unique pieces. In addition to the rings, there are earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants.

When it comes to top-quality diamond jewelry which exudes sophistication, elegance and attractiveness, none compares to Roberto Coin jewelry. You are in for a real treat if you are yet to wear any of the rings from this diamond jewelry collection.  There is no doubt that you will be amazed by the beauty of Roberto Coin rings.

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Ring-by-Roberto-Coin-Fire-ring-in-white-and-yellow-gold-with-diamonds 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Ring by Roberto Coin Fire ring in white and yellow gold with diamonds


Octopus-ring.-Roberto-Coin-dedicates-this-jewel-to-the-most-intelligent 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Octopus ring. Roberto Coin dedicates this jewel to the most intelligent


Fantasia-ring.-With-this-collection-Roberto-Coin 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Fantasia ring. With this collection Roberto Coin


Fantasia-Ring.-Roberto-Coin-18k-Yellow-Gold-Cognac-Diamond 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Fantasia Ring. Roberto Coin 18k Yellow Gold Cognac Diamond


Elephant-SkinRing-Roberto-Coin-Elefantino-Ring 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Elephant SkinRing Roberto Coin Elefantino Ring


Bollicine-ring.-Roberto-Coin-marries-the-ancient-art-of-stained-glass-window 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Bollicine ring. Roberto Coin marries the ancient art of stained glass window


Black-and-White-Classica-Collection-by-Roberto-Coin-Black-and-White-Diamond 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Black and White Classica Collection by Roberto Coin, Black and White Diamond


ROBERTO-COIN-18K-White-Gold-Diamond-Enamel-Ring 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
ROBERTO COIN 18K White Gold Diamond Enamel Ring


Roberto-Coin-18K-Two-Tone-Primavera-Mini-Pave-Ball-Ring 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Roberto Coin 18K Two-Tone Primavera Mini Pave Ball Ring


Robert-Coin-Giraffe-Motif-Wide-Band-Cocktail-Ring-Solid-18k-Gold 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Robert Coin Giraffe Motif Wide Band Cocktail Ring Solid 18k Gold


Ring-by-Roberto-Coin-Gemstone-ring-by-Roberto-Coin 23 Best Roberto Coin Rings Designs
Ring by Roberto Coin Gemstone ring by Roberto Coin

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