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Why Do Rings Turn My Finger Green?

Does it really happen? Are there any rings that can turn your finger green when you wear them? Yes, it happens but the question is why does this happen? And is this problem caused by all types of rings? The problem of turning your finger green when you wear a ring is caused by the metals from which your ring is made. We usually purchase those pieces of jewelry that attract our attention and look amazing for us, but do we know anything about the metals that are used for making the rings that we purchase or those that we have? Jewelry pieces are sold at different prices and the more expensive they are, the better they will be because the metals that are used for making them will be expensive and of high quality unlike other cheap pieces of jewelry that are made of low-quality metals and this is why they are sold at low prices. But we still want to know the main reasons that make some metals turn the skin color green.


♦ The reaction between acids and metals: Sweat and acids which are secreted by skin can affect the jewelry pieces that you wear as a chemical reaction happens between the metals of your jewelry and the acids on your skin which turns your finger green.

♦ The effect of lotions and cosmetics: The cosmetics that you wear, lotions and other substances that you apply on your skin can react with the metals of your rigs which changes the color of your finger.


♦ Copper: The main type of metal that causes the problem of turning your finger green is copper. There are rings which are completely made of copper, while there are others which are made of copper but plated with another metal to cover it and there are also rings which are made of a mixture of metals with a large amount of copper. All of these rings even cheap gold and silver rings can turn your finger green when they come in contact with your skin and other substances that react with them.

Note: Wearing such rings that turn your finger green is not harmful, but there are some people who suffer from itchy rash or any other symptoms that can appear on their sensitive skin when they wear such rings.


Solutions: The best solution that can help you to solve this problem and avoid turning your finger green is to avoid purchasing those cheap rings or plate your rings with other metals that do not cause problems when you wear them such as rhodium which is used for plating white gold jewelry.

– Avoid exposing your rings that turn your finger green to lotions, soap, water especially saltwater, chlorine and other chemicals.

– Instead of plating your rings with rhodium, you can add a polymer coating or apply nail polish to cover the surface of the rings and prevent them from reacting with your skin.


– Avoid purchasing gold jewelry which is 10K as it contains a large amount of copper.

– If you want to purchase cheap jewelry, then you can choose stainless steel or titanium jewelry that do not react with your skin.

– Try to keep your hands clean and dry while wearing your rings.


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