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The Remotest Bathroom in the World, Do You Know Where Is It?

We usually need a bathroom which is near us to be able to easily use it because if it is located in a remote place, it will be a big problem that will be difficult to be solved 😀 . Although most of us agree with this idea, there is a bathroom which is located at a very high place that cannot be easily reached and the place in which this bathroom found is not inhabited. The question is why this bathroom is located at a very high and remote place? Another question that may come in your mind, Is there any one who uses this remotest bathroom?


First of all, the world’s remotest bathroom is located in Siberia, Russia but where? It is on a cliff in the Altai Mountains which is about eight thousand five hundred and thirty (8530) feet above sea which made the bathroom called the world’s most extreme toilet. Are you ready to climb all of this distance to see this bathroom? You have to know that Altai Mountains are the major mountain range that is located in western Siberia and this range is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can also find at this place the snow leopard which is threatened to be extinct.


There is still a question, Is there any one who uses this bathroom? In fact, the answer is yes. There are five persons who use this bathroom and not just one. The five persons are a team that works at Kara-Tyurek which is a weather station. This strange name of the work station means Black Heart in the Altayan language which is the local language. There is a helicopter which visits the team in the fall to provide them with the needed water, food and wood as there is no trees at the place in which they stay to get the needed wood. The weather data is sent by a postman who visits the weather station once a month.


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