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Things to Consider When Relocating to Long Island

Anyone considering a move to the Empire State would do well to pay attention to Long Island. Not only is Long Island located within easy driving distance of New York City, it’s home to a one-of-a-kind local culture and an abundance of entertaining pastimes. Additionally, with its many beaches, Long Island can be a particularly attractive destination throughout the spring and summer months. An eclectic mix of urban and suburban, Long Island is a place that people of all ages are happy to call home. If you’re currently on the fence about a move to Long Island, take the following factors into account.

2021-09-01_204833 Things to Consider When Relocating to Long Island
Long Island Lighthouses

Financial Resources

As anyone who’s spent time in the Empire State can attest, life in New York is far from inexpensive. Although New York City is commonly regarded as one of the world’s priciest metropolises, the rest of the state isn’t much more affordable. In fact, getting by on Long Island is liable to cost you more than living in NYC. So, if you work in the city and are hoping to find a cost-effective alternative to NYC’s astronomical rents, Long Island may not be the best place to look. Additionally, Long Island’s property taxes are quite high – and this is on top of New York State’s fairly high-income taxes.

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Long Island neighborhoods

Still, if you have your heart set on Long Island, make sure you have ample savings and/or a decent-paying job lined up in advance of your move. If you’re looking to land a good lease or mortgage, your odds of approval without a steady income or a sizable amount of money in the bank are quite low. You can save yourself a tremendous amount of hassle by researching home prices and rental rates before setting your move into motion and making sure you have sufficient financial resources at your disposal when the big day actually arrives.

Job Availability

2021-09-01_210844 Things to Consider When Relocating to Long Island
Long Island Business Offices

Before relocating to Long Island – or any other expensive area, for that matter – it pays to have a job lined up. Even if you have a decent amount in savings, moving without a job is likely to place strict limits on your housing options, leisure activities, and overall quality of life. Furthermore, if you’re unable to find steady employment for months after your arrival, you may ultimately wind up depleting your savings and having to leave the area.

As such, make a point of regularly perusing available jobs in the area before committing to a move. It may also be a good idea to reach out to Long Island-based staffing agencies and job placement services. If any interviewers express concern over the fact that you’re not currently based in the area, make it clear that you fully intend to relocate to Long Island upon landing the right job.


As is the case when relocating to any new locale, you should get a good sense of Long Island’s weather before committing to a move. Summers are generally hot with high levels of humidity, which is ideal for enjoying the area’s many picturesque beaches. While fall and spring are relatively mild, Long Island’s winter weather is pretty much in keeping with the rest of New York State – i.e., cold, wet and snowy. If you hail from an area with harsh winters, this shouldn’t prove to be much of a transition. However, if you’re used to living in places with warm weather year-round, you’re liable to go through an adjustment period.

2021-09-01_205616 Things to Consider When Relocating to Long Island
Long Island Beach

Local Activities

If you’re someone who enjoys outside-the-house leisure activities, you’ll never find yourself bored on Long Island. In addition to a bevy of seasonal fairs and street festivals, Long Island is home to an impressive assortment of art galleries and antique shops. Wine lovers are sure to appreciate the area’s abundance of vineyards and wineries. Furthermore, with so many world-class restaurants to choose from, you’ll always be able to have a great Sunday Brunch in Long Island.

2021-09-01_205155 Things to Consider When Relocating to Long Island
Long Island restaurants

There’s little wonder as to why Long Island is such a popular relocation destination. Not only is the area urban enough to satisfy city dwellers, it’s suburban enough to meet with the approval of those who prefer mid-sized towns. However, packing your bags and charting a course for Long Island without first doing your homework will make you ill-prepared for life in this truly unique piece of the Empire State. So, if you’ve been mulling a big move to Long Island, take care to consider the previously discussed factors before renting a moving van.


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