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My Related RSS Plugin of Mark Widawer and Dan Nickerson Review – Beware!

About The Related RSS WordPress Plugin:

Related RSS Plugin is one of the latest WordPress plugins that was created by Mark Widawer and Dan Nickerson. This plugin is designed to help you generate relevant RSS feed inside the sidebars of WordPress websites and boost traffic.

Once the RSS feed is generated it will appear on every page and post automatically on the sidebar whilst providing relevant information that visitors will enjoy. This means that you will always have visitors coming to your website.

Mark Widawer specializes in conversion, landing pages and Google Adwords. He teaches people how to convert traffic to sales and ways to boost web traffic using Google Adwords.

Dan Nickerson blog states that he has been in the internet business since 1994. He is responsible for creating a popular LinkOpp Banner Program and serves currently as the Vice President of Infomedia Inc.


The Related RSS WordPress Plugin Features:

The first thing that I noticed after getting this plugin is that it was packed with features. There are many ways that you could configure the plugin, but it will be very easy for you to set up the RRSS.

Once you can install plugins on your WordPress website or blog and you are using tags on your pages or posts, then you can use the user-friendly features to setup this plugin in minutes without having to do anything to it again.

The best thing about using this plugin is that it will work automatically depending on the tags that you use on your posts. There is also a feature that you can use to install on news networks such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Topix.


How The Related RSS Plugin Works:

After installing and filling out the necessary fields, the Related RSS WP Plugin is going to take the very first tag from each post and generate a feed that is relevant to the first tag that you submit.

Besides that, you can install an RSS affiliate link earn a percentage of all the sales that is generated through your feed. You can decide whether or not to display author, content or date. In the end, you will be getting new content that is current and relevant on every single WordPress page.

Since the RSS plugin works automatically, it did not take long for my website to rank higher in Google search engine. So, there is no doubt that you will get to boost your ranking and earn more from sales.


What Makes Related RSS Plugin Different:

Related RSS Plugin for WordPress is impressive because it will provide you with unique, targeted, relevant, feed for every post and page on your blog or website. You are not only getting relevant content to boost your ranking, but information that all visitors will find interesting.

You can set up this amazing tool in minutes and get to see changes in your ranking almost instantaneously. This Related RSS Plugin has capabilities which are simple, but powerful.

What is also impressive is that you are only paying a low price and you are getting a well-designed plugin.


What I didn’t Like in The WordPress Related RSS Plugin:

Overall, I am satisfied with what this plugin has to offer.



You can try the plugin for 60 days and get a refund if there is no improvement in your site activity or ranking.


Bonus Or Related RSS Plugin Discount Offers:

Apart from the low selling price, there are no special offers on the site at the moment.


 Final Conclusion:

Related RSS Plugin is perfect if you are looking for a solution that can improve your website ranking and generate more money from sales.

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