7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record

Now we can officially say that Toyota HiLux has been Australia’s most popular new car for six months in a row! With total 4237 sales, Toyota HiLux, topped Australian car market in August, setting new sales record according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries‘ sales figures announced the past Tuesday. It appears that 2016 and 2017 have been golden years for the Australian new car market; at the beginning of this year, Toyota HiLux has announced Australia’s best-selling vehicle, is the first utility to have this honor! These achievements go back to many factors that belong to the product as well as the market. So, let’s dive together seeking some of the reasons why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record.

1 A reliable friend for tradies

Toyota HiLux has been the best-selling commercial car in Australia and favored by many tradies in the different corners of the world. It’s a good friend that a hard-working tradie could rely on. It is reliable and practical, called the Unbreakable in some regions. You can lade it with heavy weights that reach up to 1405kg in the tray itself. Some versions are supported underneath with heavy-duty protection plates shielding the major components. Toyota Europe website displays a pic for a HiLux with three camels in the tray!

Toyota hilux Tradie 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 2

2 Convenience

Utes, including Toyota HiLux, convenience for different needs has made them a perfect choice not just for tradies, but families as well. SUV and utility sales have been dominant; they comprise 39.4% for the first, and 17.9 for the second, of the market. Toyota Hilux’s multiple variants make it flexible to suit different duties; for example, it’s available in aluminum tray-back layout for heavy duties and commercial uses, and also available in sporty body-back style for a nicer design. Toyota-Europe website mentions that the charity Tiggy winkles, based in Eynesbury, England, and operates a busy wildlife hospital, uses a Double Cab Hilux Invincible in transporting its teams to remote places on their animals rescue missions.

2017 toyota hilux 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 3

Toyota Hilux Single Cab with Tiger Tradie Tray 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 4

3 Strength

The crowned Toyota HiLux gives three different engine choices; each has its advantages that serve a different purpose. The first is a high-torque 2.7-litre petrol four-cylinder producing 116kWand 240Nm; then there is the powerful 4.0-litre petrol V6 developing a class-leading (for a petrol non-sedan-based ute) 175kW and 376Nm, and the third is a renowned 3.0-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder producing 126kW and 323Nm. The three engines provide performances that range from efficiency, utter reliability, to high performance. Its fuel economy ratings are between 8.3L/100km to 13.0L/100km in average. All this make Toyota HiLux a perfect choice for regular as well as heavy uses. In 2007, the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had driven a HiLux to the Magnetic North Pole.

Toyota HiLux Jeremy Clarkson north pole 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 5

4 A verity of canopies

An additional advantage is that since the HiLux is mass-produced, parts and accessories of the car are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. So, if you decide to have a canopy, there would be no problem, except for choosing from all the variety you have, maybe.  Toyota HiLux canopies come in many shapes and materials that suit various uses. There are the fiber glass, aluminum, and steel canopies. The 2017 Toyota Hilux Fibre Glass Canopies comprise practicality as well as elegance; the features of the standard models include lockable rear door, side-sliding windows, and Gabriel gas lifts, while the exclusive models have the previous features plus a rear spoiler, interior light-3rd brake light, air vents, speaker box housing ×2 and cab-sliding window. There is also the tough RSI Toyota Hilux Smart Canopies with its durable stainless steel construction. Weighing less than 85 kg, it could stand the toughest off road conditions. Another solid one is the Toyota Hilux Rhinoman Aluminum Canopy. It comes in various shapes and suits the latest models. Among Its features are cab sliding, solid front window, wide rear door with fixed solid glass and solid side door.

Hilux Double Cab Fibre Glass Canopy 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 6

hilux dual cab steel canopy 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 7

5 A safe vehicle with good reputation

HiLux has an excellent reputation regarding safety. Its models are supported with two airbags as a minimum and a four-star ANCAP safety rating. ANCAP stands for Australasian New Car Assessment Program which is a car safety performance assessment program based in Australia. The numbers increase to eight airbags and five-star ANCAP rating with the four-wheel drive variants, also of the seatbelts pre-tensioners of course. And the higher-spec models include a backup camera; a video camera produced to be attached to the rear of a car to aid in backing up, also known as reversing camera. Interestingly, regarding the airbags, in 2016 Toyota Motors had recalled about 5.8 million cars over faulty air bag inflators made by parts supplier Takata; the recall included the Corolla and the Hilux pick-up truck. Takata sought a financial investor to help pay for massive liabilities from the recall.

Toyota HiLux airbags 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 8

6 An excellent driving experience

This wonderful experience comes from many reasons; Toyota HiLux is user-friendly, easy to operate and control. It has some comfortable features inside the cabin such as MP3/USB compatible stereo, Bluetooth, storage spots and cubby holes to place your things. Driving on paved roads or dusty trails, HiLux continues to provide you with comfortable driving and excellent steering. The vehicle’s interior and exterior designs comprise a successful balance between durability comfort and elegance.

Toyota Hilux cabin 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 9

toyota hilux 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 10

7 Families… the new driving force

However business and light trade have been the primary market of utes, families have been forming a rising driving force. The convenience and versatility of HiLux styles have made it a perfect choice for many families. Plus, they provide wider space which makes them suitable for families with active lifestyles. October 2016 monthly sales record was a milestone and witness of the growing popularity of utility amongst families, for two utes, Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger, have topped the monthly charts taking out the first and second spots which is a first in Australia’s automotive history.

Family on tray utes Toyota HiLux 7 Reasons Why Toyota HiLux sets new sales record - 11

These were some reasons that ended up crowning Toyota HiLux the best-selling new car in Australia, and have allowed it again to set a new sales record.

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