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7 Reasons Why Big Men Should Wear Big Watches

Inventions and innovations have enlightened human living ever since life is on earth. Technology has improved today, way beyond imagination. Through modern smartphones or internet, medical science or space science, electronics or communications, humans have integrated tech advancement on a day to day life. Like every sphere of life has accommodated, improved and technologically edging adoptions, even the watch industry have evolved, grown and groomed up, to meet up the need of the hour of 21st century men and women.

While watches are essential and complementary fashion accessories among all genders, for men especially, watches have always been a big bash fascination. However, since the late 90’s up to this 21st century big watches have surfaced as the iconic watch fashion, which to a great extent complements the undaunted spirit of daredevil guys with the spirit of flirting with oversized dials, technical features and pro mechanical looks of their watches.

Geard Hardware celebrates the era of mechanical big face watches, with larger cases and dials, offering men’s fashion a dynamic dimension. Here you can avail unique collection of wild, extremely tech specific and mechanical yet one of the rarest design collections which will complement your rock star style and personality. So, the next time you think of treating yourself with an accessory which defines you, get ahead with checking out the collection of big face watches on the smartest and voguish watch manufacturer’s site.

Geard-Hardware-big-face-watches 7 Reasons Why Big Men Should Wear Big Watches

Here are the main 7 reasons why big men often fall for the big watches and like typifying their personality:

1 Modern Generation Fashion

Typically there is no particular size which has been marked as oversize for watches. Larger than life things often fascinate men. While once the luxury timepieces used to be within 37mm, with time and fashion evolution the diameter started to expand. Today even 48 mm to 49 mm are not considered the extreme limit for oversized watches. Actually, as per watch enthusiasts, there is no limit for oversized watch fashion. However, celebs play a vital role in sporting this modern gen fashion. Iconic media figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger was never shy in flaunting big dial Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore or Stallone, who evoked media’s interest in his fashion statement with his Panerai Luminor back in the 90’s as an emblem of modernism.

2 Extensive Features

This is the generation when everyone is driven by the impulse of enjoying advanced features and looks beyond standard quality and benefits. Starting from smartphones to smartwatches GPS enacted watches to deep diving watches, pro-health active watches offering you your heartbeat to pulse rate and much more has taken over your day to day living. The trend started with Officine Panerai brought its collection military diving watches which has wide dials, and were preferred for visibility. The trend turned into a new race of fashion. Therefore, when you are seeking or so much out of your watches beyond just time indication, then definitely it is a popular demand even for the watch manufacturers to enhance the space of the watches so that all these additional tech features could be included.

3 Visibility and Durability

Before the Panerai marked the 90’s with oversized luxury watches, big timepieces were popular amongst military and government officials, from whom style was secondary, and priority was extensive durability and easy visibility. Larger dials and cases made following the watch easier even with hasty looks. Well, till today men not only like to sport with bulky dials for fashion but also prefer them on a useful note as well.

4 Masculine Impact

Women have often borrowed men’s fashion over time, like clothing to the choice of cars, names to style, and now, even women like wearing men’s watches as well. When women tend to borrow conventionally masculine styles and items, men haunt for something even more manly, robust and bold. Oversized watches are truly masculine in their looks, appeal, enigma, and appearance. Nowadays, women are often found wearing conventionally men’s watches sized 36mm to 40mm. Therefore, men needed to redefine their masculine appeal with something more exclusive, more masculine in looks, wherein the 46 mm to 48mm and higher dials started to rock the market.

5 Eye-Catching

There is too much competition out there to bag in attention in society, gathering amongst peer group, colleagues etc. Oversized watches are just the perfect tool, to catch the glares, attract the attention and rule over the fashion trend, and this is one of the reasons why fashion concerned men often fall for big watches.

6 Style

Countless exclusive watch mechanisms and movements have been invented to meet the call of time. These watch movements have not only added to the charismatic style of watches for men but also demanded to larger space. Thus, the case of the watches had to expand and make room for the innovative movements, designs, technologies and artistic craftsmanship. However, the best thing which emerged out of these developments and advancements in watch technology was the evolution of the new style paradigm in watch market, the big face watch.

Men have a general tendency of taking up to accessories for fashion in their day to day life where experimenting much with clothing styles is not always possible. However, shoes, belts, specs, bags or watches play a vital role in defining men’s style statement. Moreover, the big watches have become a signature style quotient for men nowadays.

7 Casual Trend

Men’s clothing fashion has changed over time and today only a few like to stick by formals full sleeve shirts and suits. The most common men’s fashion is reflected through casual wears like jeans, polo t-shirts, designer shirts, etc. Therefore even the men’s accessories had to answer the call of the hour to meet the fashion requirement with changing modernization of clothing, where luxury watches no more needed to complement those jacket sleeves or shirt cuffs. Oversized watches evolved out of this need and its truly bold and casual style swayed the market, bagged in appreciation from not only casual or formal style lovers but also from typically badass bold men as well.

So if you are one of those badass, kick back lifestyle followers then Geard Hardware is your perfect style partner.

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