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Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

If you are a sports-loving person, you may be familiar with the human growth hormone, popularly known as HGH and relate its usage to steroid and cheating. However, beyond that, the HGH which is secreted in the human body can naturally boost the testosterone and has many advantages you probably may not know.

The Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland which is at the base of our brain. HGH is essential to the general development of our body and helps to control the growth of the body

There is also the synthetic HGH, and it may be necessary for some people to use the synthetic HGH based on health grounds. However, using the synthetic HGH should be according to doctor’s prescription backed up by your medical evidence that there is a need for you to use it. You will find more useful information about the HGH as you read through, including its benefits and why its use should be based strictly on “as directed by a physician.”

1 HGH Enhances Weight Loss

A lot of supplements and treatment for weight loss only have temporary effect as they will melt the fat cells which return as soon as the medications or therapy is stopped which is why specialized weight loss tablets are not effective.

However, human growth hormones action on your fat cells produces a lasting weight loss effect. The HGH therapy is extremely effective that you wouldn’t have to avoid eating your favorite food or be restricted to some kinds of food to burn fats while it will also add more stamina and energy to your muscle.

It has also been discovered that obese people taking human growth hormone supplement will lose weight while the HGH will also help them to build up to 10 percent of muscle mass within few months of intake as well as reducing aging signs.

HGH-Enhances-Weight-Loss-675x489 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

2 It Enhances Better Sleep

Hormones secrete better when we sleep, and it increases during the first few hours of our sleep. The HGH needs our sound sleep to function correctly, however, lack of good sleep affect the functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland which in turns affect the secretion of the hormone growth.

It-Enhances-Better-Sleep Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

3 HGH Boosts Your Sexual Life and Improves Erectile Dysfunction

Lack of good sex life is the cause of problems in many relationships and satisfying your partner in bed depends on your energy and stamina. But, the kind of busy life we live and the unhealthy foods we consume have made it challenging to derive satisfaction from our sex life.

It has been discovered that there is a relationship between the human growth hormone and sex drive. The HGH controls the secretion of other hormones in the body which are needed for growth, development and other functions of the body.

HGH-Boosts-Your-Sexual-Life-and-Improves-Erectile-Dysfunction-675x353 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

4 HGH Helps to Grow Your Hair Back

Losing hair is typically common within the male folk because the rate at which men lose hair is faster than the rate at which the hair grows back, thus making it difficult for new hair strands to grow back on time to replace the hair follicles shed.

The human growth hormone can enhance the hair growth, the hair quality, and its texture by rubbing it on the hair follicles. The HGH is more useful for hair growth with insignificant and side effects compared to other hair growth products that have Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which may affect the production of testosterone, resulting in chronic adverse effects such as lack of libido.

HGH-Helps-to-Grow-Your-Hair-Back-675x315 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

5 Promotes Fracture Healing

Some hormones and local growth factors are responsible for regulating mineral and metabolism of the bone as well as healing fractures. The application of growth factors like IGF-1 has been known for stimulating bone metabolism. Studies have shown that using human growth hormone is essential for bone healing as it helps to hasten up bones regeneration.

Promotes-Fracture-Healing-675x506 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

6 HGH is a Powerful Immune System Booster

A significant benefit of the growth hormone is its ability to strengthen the immune system of our body. HGH also helps in stimulating the development and multiplication of cells, promotes rapid multiplication of B and T cells and increases the process of immunoglobulin formation.

Taking HGH supplements helps to increase the body’s resistance to allergies, speed up the healing process, reduce the risk of developing malignancy, minimize the rate of infection, hasten recovery from chronic disorders and decrease the occurrence of autoimmune diseases. Also, HGH releasers have been approved by FDA for use by people living with HIV or AIDS.

HGH-is-a-Powerful-Immune-System-Booster-675x506 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health
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7 HGH Boosts Muscle Strength

The human growth hormone is known for boosting individuals’ physical capacity by the stimulation of the collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscle and tendons and increase of the muscle strength thereby boosting exercise performance.

In a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, it was discovered that there was an increase in the lower body of healthy men after the administration of HGH injection on them, see more… However, there was normalization of muscle strength, increased exercise capacity, and improved thermoregulation, and body composition in adults deficient in HGH after HGH therapy was administered to them for an extended period.

HGH-Boosts-Muscle-Strength-675x675 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

8 Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Adults who are deficient in the growth hormone are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease which reduces life expectancy. In a Swedish study where 104 patients deficient in the growth hormone were studied for cardiovascular disease, they showed higher body mass and triglyceride concentrations than the control group. This indicates that deficiency of the growth hormone alters lipoprotein metabolism thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Reduce-Cardiovascular-Disease-Risk-675x450 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

9 HGH Improves Your Mood and Cognitive Function

HGH has been found to enhance cognitive function, mood and concentration. According to a study, 18 adult patients deficient in the growth hormone showed improvement after being placed on HGH for six months, thus suggesting that the growth hormone is good for improving our concentration and cognitive functions.

HGH-Improves-Your-Mood-and-Cognitive-Function Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

10 HGH Ward Off Signs of Aging on the Skin

Aging may rob you of your once glowing skin”. Advancing in age comes with dehydration and desiccation of your body through the reduction of the moisture levels within your cells which result in skin wrinkles. You should note that each cell, organ, and tissue in your skin needs adequate growth hormone and water to function perfectly.

HGH-Ward-Off-Signs-of-Aging-on-the-Skin-675x338 Top 10 Reasons Why Growth Hormone is Important for Your Health

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