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 About Reality Check Network Company:

Reality Check Network corporation is a full managed web hosting company. They host 7 data severs  with two on the East Coast, one in the West Coast, and then four in Europe. Reality Check Network invests everything into their customers to provide them with top managed services from managed web services to their technical support.


Reality Check Network Services and Features:

As mentioned Reality Check Network corporation supplies you fully with full managed hosting services. This means everything is managed for you. They do all the work making the transition easier on your so you can focus on your business more. Their fully managed hosting services include:

  • Managed Virtual Server
  • Managed Dedicated Server
  • Managed Server Cluster
  • Managed Storage Services
  • Managed Load Balancing
  • And Managed Content Delivery Network Services.

Virtual Sever– Virtual Server packages start as low as $50. /a month. Virtual Server packages uses virtual servers to help bring shared hosting and dedicated servers closer together. What you get with Virtual Server package is:

  • Scalable server resources
  • Fast storage capability running on a RAID 10 hardware
  • Load Balancing/ CDN
  • Your own storage network
  • Your own IP address

Managed Dedicated Server – $125/a month. Being that it is a “managed dedicated server” you get unlimited support from the experts, free server migration, automated nightly back up, and 60 second monitoring with proactive response.

Managed Server Cluster -$1675/ a month. Again Reality Check Network manages everything for your transfer over to their Managed Server Cluster. It is great for it you are in need of more that one server. The server is powered by Dell PowerEdge R Series, CPU Quad Core 2.36GHz, Intel Xeon E5520 Nehalem, 8MB L3 Cache, RAM 6GB,  with a 2 x 300GB SAS RAID 1 Disk.

Managed Storage – $250/ a month per 1.TB.  If you get their Server Cluster package Manage Storage can be integrated with it. Being it Managed Storage you just let Reality Check do all the work. Reality Check Network’s Managed  Storage will guarantee your storage is scalable indefinitely, with the able to share files across servers, along with automatic snapshot back ups.

Managed Load Balancing – $100/ a month per server. Manage loading can also be integrated with their Server Cluster package as well as Dedicated Server package. Load balancing helps to draw your traffic to your best working server so you will always be working at top level.

 Content Delivery Network (CDN) – 20 cents per GB. CDN helps with speeding up you websites load time. So connect with CDN to make sure you website is running at top speed.


Advantages of Reality Check Network Hosting:

One of the perks of Reality Check Network group is they use premium Dell hardware. Dell is a name that is known world wide, and is also known for its high quality service, so when they say 100% up time you know you will get 100% up time. Another advantage with Reality Check is you get to meet the people behind the company. Reality Check list their team members giving you a little more personal feel to the company, which can be an advantage in my book.



Reality Check Network promises 100% up time guaranteed! Not a lot of web hosting sites promise 100% up time.


Reliability Review of Reality Check Network Hosting:

Reality Check Network has all the tools at their service so you will never be let down by them. That is thanks to their amazing customer support center nothing ever gets past them leaving your online business going strong with no down time at all.


What I Didn’t Like in Reality Check Network:

While their website is clean cut with promises of a fully managed website so you can focus less on if your website is running properly, and more on your business their pricing scale is a bit pricy and confusing. For example their fully managed Server Cluster  package. They state their Server Cluster package uses managed storage, load balancing and content delivery network. But then it  goes on to list the prices of the managed storage, load balancing and content deliver network. So it seems while the Server Cluster package uses all of these you have to buy each on separate. Sound confusing? It is! It may be best to talk to someone to fully understand their pricing, and they offer you to contact them too to discuss your needs.


RealityCheckNetwork Support:

Reality Check Network offer 24/7 live tech support to all their customers no matter what package they buy. You can call, write, email, or contact them via live chat. No stone is left unturned when it comes to getting customer support. They are there for you night and day.


Final Conclusion:

So what is my overall Reality Checks Network hosting review? They have wonderful tech/ customer support, but their service packages and their pricing made me a bit leery. Since they have such a wonder customer support service it should not be hard to call them and discuss what you need and price it would all cost. Even if it is a bit expensive the amazing customer dedication you get could well be worth the price.

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  1. While Reality check is a little more expensive than some other hosting companies I’ve seen, they do offer a lot for the money. I definitely like the points about tech support.

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