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REAL Eggs inside the eggs

Wilson  decided to take a picture during frying the egg,as he think  it contains more than yolks, because it’s a great strikingly. But what that break the egg until he found inside a second egg.

Commenting on the surprise said the man, a 41-year-old he rears chicken 4 years ago, and that was initially when bought two chickens being submitted gift for his wife Mary for her birthday.

And Sean Wilson adds that when he went to the chicken coop to collect eggs found 3 eggs and found that one of them “voluminous”, I think that it is merely a fondling. But he began to examine the huge egg to him it’s real clear, and weighs 185 grams.
Man holding a bet with his wife about the number of yolks, who carries such a special egg, as Mary decided that the egg contains 3 while Sean confirmed that the number of yolk 4. But practical experience shows that both had been wrong. The voyager Sean Wilson, saying that although the egg was a strange shape, but it was very tasty fried egg sandwich.

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