Rare White Giraffes Spotted in Different Areas

Are there any white giraffes on earth? Do they really exist and walk on this planet? Where can we see these white giraffes? Can we find them in any country and at anytime? It may be thought that the white giraffe is just an imaginary thing that does not exist in our world and does not live around us, but what is surprising is that there are white giraffes that were seen in different areas around the world. The white giraffe is not a legend that can be found only in stories that are narrated to young children. There are many photos that were captured of white giraffes while enjoying their time in the wild with other normal giraffes that we usually see. The white giraffe was first seen in 1993 in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, but it suddenly disappeared and was assumed to be dead. Another white giraffe was seen with other brown giraffes in Tanzania in 2005, Botswana in 2006 and in the Kruger National Park, South Africa in 2009 to be the last time for a white giraffe to be reported.


♦ Why are these giraffes white?


The white color is not common among giraffes as it can rarely be seen in the wild or even in captivity. The main reason behind this white color that rarely appears is a disorder in the giraffe’s body especially in what is related to pigments as the pigmentation cells fail to develop in a proper way like other normal giraffes and this is why the brown color fails to appear and is replaced by another color which is the white one. The disorder that happens in the pigments and the failure of the pigmentation cells to develop properly and normally can result in pure white giraffes that do not even have patches on their bodies in a different color which is the brown color, but this did not happen till now.

♦ The white giraffes are not true Albinos


The white giraffes are extremely rare and this is why it is impossible to easily see them in the wild with other brown giraffes. The white giraffes that were seen are not true albinos and they are believed to be just lighter in color than other normal giraffes which are brown or darker in their color.

♦ What are the characteristics of the white giraffe?


There are not any scientific researches that were done to tell us more about these rare and unique white giraffes, but it seems that these white giraffes almost have the same characteristics of the normal ones in terms of the size and the way they live except for color that makes them unique.

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