Why Are These Rare & Weird Tigers White?

Have you ever seen such a white tiger before? It is one of the rarest things that you can ever see on earth especially among animals. The white color is more common among birds, but what about animals? There are tigers that come in the white color which is very rare if it is compared to other normal tigers that we usually see. The question is where can we see such beautiful tigers? Most of the white tigers that live in the wild can be found in different states that are located in India such as Rewa, Bihar, Bengal and Assam. The white tigers can be rarely found in the wild and this is why they are kept in parks and zoos in different countries around the world to allow people from around the world to enjoy seeing them. The countries in which you can see the white tigers in captivity include Great Britain, India, Algeria, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands and Portugal. There are too many questions that quickly come to your mind once you see these white tigers but the most important one is why are they white unlike other normal and traditional tigers that spread around the world? Let’s discover more about that.

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♦ Why are these tigers white?


What is the main reason behind this white color that we see and why these white tigers are not like the other normal tigers that we usually see in the wild around the world? The white color that makes these tigers really unique unlike other normal tigers is the lack of yellow and red pigments or pheomelanin pigment that exists in the body of other tigers and gives their fur the orange color.

♦ What is the difference between the white tigers and the orange ones?


When you compare between the white tigers and the orange ones, you will find that they are different especially in what is related to growing, their size at birth and during being adults and more. Most of the white tigers are heavier than the orange ones and they grow faster to be bigger than the orange tigers not just when they are adults but at birth as well.

♦ What are the characteristics of the white tigers?


The white male tigers can grow until they reach up to 3 meters long and their weight ranges from 200-230 kg. When the white tigers are just 2 or 3 years old, you can consider them adults which are completely grown. There are not two white tigers that are exactly the same because the stripes that can be found on their bodies vary from one tiger to another making it impossible to find identical white tigers.

♦ Completely white tigers without stripes


There are tigers which are completely white and the stripes that they have are faint and almost invisible to the extent that they can be seen only under reflected light which makes these tigers described as purely white tigers. Having a tiger that is purely white is caused by an additional genetic condition and the first stripeless white tiger was discovered in 1820 in England.

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