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Rank Tracker Plugin Review – 7 Burning Questions Answered

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About The Rank Tracker Plugin For WordPress:

Rank Tracker Plugin was created by Paul Forcey and is one of the latest WordPress plugins on the market. This plugin was developed to help website owners get higher rankings for targeted keywords. After purchasing and downloading this plugin, it will provide money-making keywords that can rank high on the search engines.

Paul Forcey is known for developing several making money tools including many applications that can help users get more web traffic. Paul also has a blog that is updated regularly.

The following Rank Tracker Plugin review will tell you more about what you can expect from this product:

Rank Tracker Plugin Features:

After checking out this WordPress plugin for a while, I decided to give it a try. The package comes many different tools, plus it’s very easy to install.

There are tools that will highlight the best keywords that you can use to optimize your site as well as check your website rankings automatically on the search engines. However, the most impressive feature is definitely the tool that allowed me to find profitable keywords that I would have missed otherwise.

How Rank Tracker Plugin Works:

When using this plugin, it will collect data once visitors search on Google to check out your website or blog.  Once the visitors click to enter your website from the search results, an email can be sent directly to your inbox. From this email, you can know exactly what keyword or key phrase visitors are searching for on Goggle in order to get to your website.

Besides that, the email will tell you the exact page that was visited as well as give you the ranking of your site in Google for that particular key phrase or keyword, whether or not you are trying to get ranked for it.


What Makes Rank Tracker Plugin Different and Impressive:

Rank Tracker Plugin can definitely prevent you from searching endlessly when it comes to finding the right keywords. This plugin has work wonders to generate traffic to my website and has allowed me to get a better ranking in a short space of time. What’s more, the plugin allowed me to rank higher by suggesting other money making keywords.

After installing the Rank Tracker, it was very easy to use. Since then, I have been writing better content and sales page to convert website visitors to buyers because I am using the exact keywords that people are searching for.

What I didn’t Like in Rank Tracker Plugin:

The Rank Tracker Plugin might not be helpful for persons without good computer skills who are not keen on doing a lot of research.


This plugin is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can test it without losing your money.

 Rank Tracker Plugin Bonus Or Discount Offers:

This plugin comes with free updates, videos and Rank Tracker Plugin tutorials.


 Final Conclusion:

Rank Tracker Plugin will be a good investment for anyone who wants to have a successful website and get positive results quickly. I will not hesitate to recommend this plugin to anyone.

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