Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

A face mask is a new normal. Every morning, I match my outfit with shoes, a purse, and of course, a facemask.  As responsible citizens, we all are wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others from viral infections. But, with great responsibility comes a great price. These masks are causing skin irritations, pimples, or acne cysts. People are noticing pimples on their faces, but not all are aware of the reason.

Yes! Mask acne is a real thing. But, cutting down the usage of the mask ain’t the solution. Then how are we going to prevent COVID mask acne? Fortunately, we have plenty of simple solutions to get rid of maskne. But before going ahead, let’s first understand why your mask isn’t cooperating with your skin?

How Mask Acne Appears on Our Skin

A lot of reasons involving masks can be harmful to your skin. Sure, the mask protects you from bigger problems. But acne could get worse too, if not treated. You breathe inside your mask, which creates moisture on the mask surface and gets spread out on your skin. No matter whether you have oily skin, inflamed skin, or dry skin, that moisture is going to give birth to acne.

Bacteria trapped on your skin underneath the mask is the main culprit behind the acne breakout. Then again, pulling your mask down to eat or drink causes friction resulting in rashes or redness. Thankfully, Girls, we are blessed with skincare remedies to say goodbye to mask acne.

Mask-Acne-675x343 Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

How To Treat Face Mask Acne?

We’ve been using masks for a long time now. Your skin must have already reacted to the new change. So, if you already have rashes or mask acne, here are some home remedies for acne treatment.

1 Cleansing your face

A straightforward solution to treat mask acne is cleansing your face thoroughly. Not just with water or a face wash, but with a natural skincare routine. Your face needs pampering, and it deserves to get rid of harmful bacteria, dirt, and pollutants. When you wash your face at least twice a day, the effect of mask acne will get down. Skin needs something that can cleanse the pores and restore the nutrients. I’ve been using Averr Aglow’s Radiant Cleansing Nectar, and it’s been a great experience so far. Cleanse your face often, and you’ll see reduced acne scars on your face. I’d also recommend not putting on heavy makeup underneath the mask. It might clog skin pores resulting in pimples. But if your job asks for regular touch-ups, use a proper makeup remover.

woman-washing-her-face-preparing-for-makeup-675x452 Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

2 Moisturizing and Protecting your Face

How would you feel after stepping into a closed room without any fresh air or sunlight? Terrible, right? It’s like that for your skin under the mask. Use an oil-free lightweight moisturizer on your face. It’ll nourish and protect your face from acne or mask rashes. Moisturizer brings back the glow on your face. It protects the skin from dryness and makes sure your skin pores have enough space to breathe.

woman-moisturizing-her-face-675x561 Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

3 Skincare Routine

Like I said earlier, a simple skincare routine can treat acne, caused by anything. It makes your skin healthy to fight against pimples. Try using Averr Aglow’s Clear skin kit for regular usage. You’ll need 10 minutes in the morning or evening to follow a skincare routine suiting your skin type. From my personal experience, a regular skincare routine is a solution to all your skin problems. Even after trying the above tips, if you still don’t see positive results, I’d suggest consulting a dermatologist. Don’t entertain that acne for too long.

woman-washing-her-face-acne-675x354 Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

Now that we talked about how to treat maskne, let’s shed some light on the mask itself.

How To Choose The Best Face Mask?

The market is flooded with a lot of different types of masks. But you cannot pick a mask and expect it to work best for you. You have to make the right decision as that tiny thing is giving you acne. First thing first, say a big NO to disposable masks. Those masks are not meant to be used for a long time. You cannot wash them. And re-using a mask without washing equals inviting acne. If you are a healthcare worker, you might already have suffered acne from wearing a surgical face mask. While masks are part of your job, you can prevent acne with proper skincare. I’d suggest using a mask that you can wash in warm water and dry it in perfect sunlight. A multilayer cotton mask would be the best choice. Your skin pores will have ample space to breathe.

skin-care-routine-675x466 Protect Your Skin from Acne Caused by Face Mask with Simple Remedies

Isn’t this simple? Frequent cleansing, a simple skincare routine, and a decent reusable mask are all you need to stay away from maskne.

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