Professor of Dermatology: Different Kinds of Allergies are Caused by Not Wearing Cotton

Many people, whether women or men and especially women and girls do not care about these days to wear cotton clothes, which touches the skin directly, because it has become widespread among people, especially among women and young girls wear these clothes and a lot of the multiplicity of forms and colors and types, but they are not Boqtan .. Which is not healthy at all ..

And Dr. Hamid Abdullah, a professor of Andrology and skin and infertility medicine Cairo, speaking in this very important topic, which is the importance of wearing cotton clothing on the skin directly, which is extremely important because it protects against skin and a lot of diseases, which may be caused due to leaving his clothes of cotton and polyester.

So you must keep wearing clothes, which contain cotton to protect your skin, especially in the regions of the chest and the device reproductive .. Especially for those who suffer from allergic skin must take care of him and the basics should wear cotton clothes.

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