Crazy Magnetic Slime


  • Elastic, magnetic clay.
  • Made of safe, non-toxic plasticine.
  • Available in 7 colors.
  • Strong magnetic force.
  • Enjoyable for kids and grown-ups.

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One of the downs of the digital age we are living in is the magnet of the digital entertainment means, including Xbox, PlayStation, computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. For the kids, the harmful side effects of such a lifestyle are more magnified than adults. So, why don’t you drag your children, and even yourself, away from the screens to enjoy quality time together playing the Crazy Magnetic Slime? Another reason that makes it perfect for kids and adults is that playing with the mushy, resilient slime works as a great stress reliever. You can stretch, tear, bounce and shape it as you desire. Plus, the slime being magnetic offers more and more fun.


1 Safe, non-toxic materials: the slime is made of non-harmful plasticine. It was CE tested and announced to be safe and non-toxic. The CE is a certification mark that means that the product is conformance with health and environmental protection standards.

2 High-quality slime: however its elasticity, the clay is less sticky. And it doesn’t dry out.

3 A wide range of employment: Crazy Magnetic Slime is not an ordinary recreational toy. Besides enjoying forming and reforming shapes with the clay, you could use the small magnet included in the kit for more joy. With it, pull the light parts of the shape you formed with the magnetic slime against gravity and to different directions. It’s also a fun method of education, whether to educate children about the magnet work or about different shapes that you can use the clay to form.

4 Strong magnetic force:  plus playing, you can use it to collect fallen paperclips, tacks, and other small iron stuff.

5 Multiple colors: the clay toy is available in seven colors for you to pick what you love from, including black, silver, gold, green, purple, and blue.


  • The product comprises magnetic clay and a magnet in an iron box.
  • The Crazy Magic Slime is for children from 6 years old.

hand-putty-crazy-magnetic-slime-4-675x380 Crazy Magnetic Slime

hand-putty-crazy-magnetic-slime-2-675x675 Crazy Magnetic Slime

hand-putty-crazy-magnetic-slime-675x675 Crazy Magnetic Slime

hand-putty-crazy-magnetic-slime-3-675x675 Crazy Magnetic Slime

hand-putty-crazy-magnetic-slime-5-675x566 Crazy Magnetic Slime

magnetic-slime-2-675x1779 Crazy Magnetic Slime

magnetic-slime-675x733 Crazy Magnetic Slime

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm




Age Range

> 6 years old


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