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How To Preserve Silver Objects ( The Best Ways To Keep Your Silver In A Good Shape )

Most women use silver accessories in their every day life, but the chemical properties of silver are not stable like gold therefore they are exposed to the change of its color more than any other kind of accessories. Silver changes its color due to the exposure to humidity, and other chemicals found in the air


 To avoid damaging your silver, be patient and do not clean them quickly


 Put the silver object in hot water and lemon juice then clean it with apiece of fabric made of chamois


If you found a scratch on your silver you can retrieve its glare by the silver polish liquid but do not clean them in a circular move


Prepare a solution made of boiling water added to it ten grams of powder from spice stores , put a woolen fabric in this solution then clean your silver with it and rinse it with the same water of the solution then dry it


Use a soft tooth brush and clean it with a tooth paste


You can use the water used in boiling potatoes in to clean the silver ring


Use plastic gloves instead of cotton ones when cleaning silver


keep your silver away from heat and sun rays. the best thing is to keep it in a velvet box to preserve it


Do not put nail polish on silver in order to preserve it, because after some time it will make a shell removing the first layer of silver with it