Practical Advice and Tips on Writing an Admission Essay

Struggling with writing an admission essay? Wondering about the best way to impress the committee? Looking for the proven ways to make your application stand out among thousands of similar ones?

Don’t worry! Working on your college application is not so hard and complicated as it seems to be in the very beginning. In fact, it is even an interesting activity to do. Your college essay is a chance to prove that you’re a perfect candidate for a particular college or uni, even if your grades are not impressive at all. As with any other assignment, here you have two options as well. You can either do everything by yourself only or you can get professional help from a qualified writing service. If you consider getting a professional assistance look at here and use it; if you consider doing everything by yourself, then you have to read a few writing tips before.

So, here is what you need to know about writing an admission essay when applying to the University of your dreams.

5 Best Application Writing Tips

It is not a secret that writing an essay may be a challenge even if it is a simple assignment at school. But not all students realize that an admission essay actually differs from what they’ve written at school. From some point of view, it is easier. From another point of view, it is harder. It is easier because you’re not limited to a particular question, which you have to discuss. In application essays, you should talk about yourself. But it is harder because there is much more responsibility in writing an essay, which defines whether you’re going to become a student of a particular college or not.

So, here’s a couple of really useful recommendations, which are going to help you and improve your admission essay writing skills immediately.

No matter whether you’re applying to Stanford, Yale, or Harvard, the following recommendations of writing an essay will be useful for candidates of every college and university without exception.

1 Check the requirements 
Before working on your application, check the requirements provided by your university or college and the feedback from the students of previous years and the professors from this particular institution. Very often, the official websites of the universities provide free recommendations for future candidates on what exactly they should pay attention in their documents and essays. So, always check the reviews on that particular place, which you’re applying to. What do students, teachers, and admission officers recommend their future students to focus on?

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2 Start Planning 
Planning is not only about working on the structure of your future writing. It is also about thinking which exact topics you’re going to cover in it. Of course, the central topic of any admission essay is a student. But think what experiences, achievements, interests, passions, and failures you’re going to discuss in your writing. You have to choose up to 3-4 stories only. If you choose more, you risk losing the interest of reading your essay in the middle of the work.

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3 Talk About Yourself 
Write about yourself not as about musician, dancer, actor, or engineer. The admission officers want to know you better as an individual. And the essay should be helpful for them in this task. So, don’t describe yourself as a perfect student for a particular discipline only. Talk about other interests you have, even if they don’t relate to the program, which you’re applying to. Write about how the world around you impacts your future profession and present decisions you make.

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4 Be Yourself 
Don’t imagine how the commission may want you to be. Don’t write only to fit the «standards» of the university. Be honest and authentic. The college wants to take you, but not the imaginary picture of you. So, don’t pay attention to what other students write in their own essays. Be focused on your own writing only.

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5 Ask For Opinions 
When your essay is finished, show it to the person who knows you well. It may be your mom, dad, or teacher. Ask them whether your story sounds like you or not. Do they find your essay interesting to read? What would they add to it? It is very important to have an objective opinion of someone else about your admission essay as it is quite difficult to be fair about your own writings. Especially, when you work on them more than a couple of days.

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Remember that an admission essay is an opportunity for you to go beyond the data and figures and really show the admission officers who you are and why you will be a perfect fit for their institution’s community. So, don’t miss your chance, take time and work hard on your essay too. Hopefully, our recommendations will make this writing process a lot easier and faster.

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