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Legends Of Ancients And The Power Of Gemstones In Preventing Envy

Some people believe in blue beads and the power of gemstones in preventing envy. What are the original sources of these beliefs? This is what we will discuss here

Ancient amulets

Ancient Egyptians believed that jewelry have magical powers in addition to its real value. They made different amulets and hung them, as we find in the book of ” pharaohs jewelry “. the book said that jewelry was used to decorate necks and to prevent hidden powers found in nature, these power were believed to send hurricanes, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes.

Amulets differ according to the purpose of them, there were amulets for the living people, others for the dead, amulets for preventing diseases, spells and drowning.

Types of jewelry used differ according to the social status. Rich people used golden and gemstones jewelry, while common people used the refined beads.

The blue color

For ancient Egyptians the secret of the blue color is found in three different colors, which are the prevailing colors in their jewelry, red, green and blue. The red symbolizes blood in your veins, green symbolizes plants and vegetables, while blue is related to the sky where the god of the sun “ra” and where gods live protecting people.

Beliefs in some stones

There are some nations like Indian, Iranians, and Chinese think that jade stone prevent heart diseases and the turquoise stone prevents from danger. In Nubia men wear a ring with one white gemstone, they believe that it help in preventing scorpion bites.

The palm or five fingers

Women tend to believe in jewelry that has the shape of the palm in preventing  envy and they don’t know the origin of this story going back to magic rituals and that number five has defensive power preventing any harm away from the human body.