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Most Popular White Gold Amethyst Earrings Designs

Amethyst, a stunning purple stone, is the birthstone for the month of February. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry to represent your birth month, white gold amethyst earrings will be the ideal choice. These earrings are available in many styles, so you can buy them on their own or with a matching pendant. Diamonds are usually added to the amethyst stones. The prices for these earrings will be based on the number of gold carats, whether diamonds were added or not added to the design as well as the amethyst stone size.

Different types of white gold amethyst earrings:

Stud earrings: There are white gold stud earrings with large and small stones. Once you choose the right outfits, you can wear these earrings to work, on formal occasions or to run errands around town. When compared to some other types of gold amethyst earrings, the small stud earrings with white gold are generally more affordable.

Hoop earrings: Although these are not so popular, they are very stylish. You can opt for the hoop styles if you want a pair of beautiful earrings to stand out from the crowd. Most the designs for these earrings have white gold on the hoop section with dangling amethyst stone. Other designs will have only small amethyst stones on the hoops or combined with small diamond accents or CZ stones. The amethyst hoop earrings will be great for casual parties or formal occasions, but they might not be suitable for the office.

Drop earrings: These white gold amethyst earrings are extremely beautiful and are available in many different styles. For a pair of elegant earrings, you can opt for the designs with several diamonds added to the amethyst stones. The amethyst earrings with cubic zirconia stones are usually cheaper than the diamond and amethyst earrings, plus they are also very popular. Some designs also feature white topaz stones, but these are not popular like CZ or diamond stones. The drop earrings could feature amethyst in heart, oval, leaf cut or circular shapes.

round cut gemstones Amethyst Earrings - 14k White Gold

In addition to the styles above, you can also find many white gold amethyst earrings for kids. You could choose the stud earrings or hoop earrings with small amethyst stones in a heart shape. Children can wear these earrings on special occasions like Christmas holidays, birthdays or even a photo shoot.
When you are ready to shop for white gold amethyst earrings, you can find some beautiful designs online. Company is one of the online stores which specialize in gemstone and birthstone jewelry, so this will be a good place to start your search. You can find hundreds of styles to choose from, plus all of the designs are available in 14k white or yellow gold.

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