What Are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World?

There are many people who like to breed pets at their homes especially dogs. For some people if it is not most of them, dogs are considered to be their loyal friends that are better than human ones. The relation between the dog and its owner develops along the years to the extent that they can not leave each other. There are many species of dogs that vary in their shapes, colors and characteristics. So if you are one of those who like breeding pets and want to buy a dog but find yourself confused because you can not decide which one to buy, then read about the following dogs that are ranked by the American Kennel Club as the 10 most popular dog breeds in the world for 2013. It may help you to make your decision.

10. Dachshund

A German dog that is ranked as the tenth most popular dog breed in the world. It is known for being passionate, friendly, its great and strong sense of smell which allows it to hunt and search for lost things, has a long body and short legs which make his body low. Its body size and shape allow it to run quickly, chase and catch things.

two dachshunds

9. Rottweiler

It occupies the ninth place in the list of the ten most popular dog breeds. It is smart, good companion especially for young children and it obeys orders. Although it is large in its size, it has a great ability to chase and catch things. All of these characteristics and advantages make  this dog efficient for working with police officers and for protecting our homes.


8. Poodle

It is ranked as the eighth unique dog breed. It is a good companion for all age groups especially for children, it obeys orders and easily responds to training, it is famous for its thick hair and it is available in different sizes and colors such as brown, black, creamy and the most famous color which is white.


7. Boxer

It occupies the seventh position in the list. It is famous for the shape of its face that looks like the shape of a square. It is powerful thanks to its big and strong body which makes it also a good fighter. It is friendly, smart, loyal, obeys orders and can be trusted as a good keeper for your home.


6. Yorkshire Terrier

It is ranked in the sixth place of the most dog breeds. It is a good companion especially for young children and it is the girls’ favorite dog. It has a long and soft hair which makes it looks gorgeous, it is also smart, light and small in its size to make it easily carried and transmitted from one place to another especially outside the house. It is like a toy.


5. Bulldog

It occupies the fifth place in the list. It has a square shaped face and known for its obedience to orders which makes it easy to be controlled and safe to be kept at your home. It has a big and strong body that allows it to be beneficial for defense. Although its shape may show that it is a wild dog, it is in fact friendly and loved by many children.


4. Beagle

It is ranked as the fourth most popular dog breed in the list. It is friendly and a good companion for all age groups. It is energetic and likes playing especially when it comes to be outside home, so the children will enjoy their time with it.


3. Golden Retriever

It occupies the third place among the most popular dog breeds. It is known for its golden hair. It has a strong sense of smell which makes it helpful for many tasks such as hunting, searching for things and saving from risks.

Golden Retriever Pup in Snow
Golden Retriever

2. German Shepherd

It occupies the second place in the list of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Its origin country is Germany. It is smart, can be used for hunting and searching for what is lost, it is powerful enough to fight and to be trusted for guarding homes and for being used  by the police.

German She one-pup

1. Labrador retriever 

It is placed on the top of the most popular dog breeds in the world and is ranked as the first dog breed for the 22nd time. It shows that this dog is very common among dog lovers in many countries. It is loved for being smart and friendly with both humans and other animals which makes it easy to be kept at your home with other pets. It can be used for performing many tasks such as rescuing, searching for what is missed and for protection. It is energetic and playful which make it a good companion for young children.


Now, which one did you decide to bring to your home?

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