Podcasts that Go Best with Late-Night Snacks

Do you find yourself staring up at the ceiling at night? If you have answered yes, you are not alone. Being an insomniac in today’s time is a real struggle. Whether you have a lot on your mind or can’t be comfortable in the bed, sometimes we need extra help to drift off to sleep. But even when you are struggling to fall asleep, nothing is more enthralling than enjoying a late-night snack with some of the best podcasts. For instance, the Conan O’Brien podcast would help you to enjoy your late-night snack until the last bite. So let’s explore the best podcasts which you can enjoy with late-night snacks.

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6 podcasts to go with your late-night snacks

1 The Conan O’Brien Podcast

To be precise, podcasts related to interviews are nothing new. On the other hand, you can find many podcasts where comedians interview other comedians. In the Conan O’Brien podcast, you would come to know that he doesn’t have any real friends. Through his podcasts, he wants to connect with his guests. Conan O’Brien is also one of the most prolonged working and late-night hosts in the United States of America.

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2 Jay Shetty Podcast

Well, if you have lacked the primary purpose in your life, listening to the Jay Shetty podcast is a must. The Jay Shetty podcast is one of the most inspirational podcasts out there. With the help of this podcast, you would learn various ways to keep negativity at bay. On the other hand, the Jay Shetty podcast also teaches you how to take responsibility for your pain.

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3 Dolly Parton’s America

Through this podcast, Jad Abumrad disposes of the notion that Dolly Parton is a punchline. Moreover, via this podcast, he presents Dolly as the most phenomenal lyricist of this present era. His thorough analysis from 12 hours of interviews with Dolly Patron makes this podcast an integral part of your late-night ritual. Through this podcast, Jad appeals to us that analyzing her universal appeal would make us comprehend the American culture properly.

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4 Everything is Alive

If you want to get a hearty dose of comedy with your late-night snacks, listening to this podcast is mandatory. In every episode, the host Ian Chillag interviews a non-living thing. From lifts to medicines, Ian Chillag interviews an array of things that are played by a different improviser. The outcome is always a set of hilarious and profound chats. If you had a hard day at work, listening to this podcast would surely rejuvenate you.

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5 Dolores Roach

If you are comfortable with late-night spooks, Dolores Roach is the podcast to listen to. For possessing pot, Dolores Roach served a 16-year prison sentence. After finishing her prison term, she returned to her home in Washington. After returning, she found that the whole neighborhood has been gentrified.

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6 Right, Left and Centre

It is a political podcast that focuses primarily on productive debates. Interestingly, the host tries to keep the podcast civilized. In this podcast, you would find guests from opposing sides of the team. Their personal views help you to gain a thorough insight into the world’s politics. In other words, this podcast offers a more detailed view of the several facets of world politics. If you are a news junkie, you should add it to your playlist.

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Things to Consider While Opting for Podcast Streaming

There are over a hundred million users at present who use varied podcast streaming applications. Some of the apps alone have over millions of users. The question arises that what makes people choose particular podcast streaming applications. In most cases, the research generally stops at the price of the subscription. The price is usually on the same range for most podcast streaming apps. Thus, there are many more factors that one should take into consideration. A few of the vital things to consider in selecting a podcast streaming service has been mentioned below.

1 The Choice of Podcast

Every podcast-streaming service is similar in the regard that they have millions of songs in their libraries. However, there are some essential points of difference in each of the services. You need to ensure that the podcast library on offer matches your tastes in the podcast. For example, if you feel like listening to upcoming artists and smaller bands, then make sure that the application has that option for you.

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2 The Quality of Services

It becomes challenging to differentiate between podcast qualities when you listen through regular headphones. However, if you are slowly into a podcast and listen through specialized headphones, you will be able to tell the difference. Thus, you need to subscribe to something that provides high-quality sound. Usually, 320 Kbps is good enough for regular listening, but you will need more if you are a serious audiophile.

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3 The Offline Listening Option

One of the essential considerations to have is the facility for offline listening. You will need to have the option of saving podcasts offline if you are used to listening to the podcast while driving or traveling. You can save a lot of data with this feature. The offline mode also lets you listen to the podcast in areas of inadequate network coverage.

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4 The Cost Considerations

You will find that the prices are quite similar if you are a single user looking for full packages. You will be charged an amount every month. The additional amount will be there for the extra features.

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5 The OS on Which it Runs

Most of the recent podcast streaming apps run on both Android and Apple devices. However, there are still specific applications that run solely on Android or Apple. So, make sure that the app you choose is made for the OS that you are on.

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Ensure you consider these five factors when choosing a podcast streaming service. Choose a service that ticks all the boxes mentioned above for you. There are plenty of such services at present. Thus, you are spoilt for choice. You must always do your research and choose the services wisely.

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