Why Is the Personal Statement Very Important?

What is the importance of the personal statement letter? Before starting to write a personal statement, you need first to know what is a personal statement, why do you need to write it and why is it very important for you to be careful while writing?

A personal statement is a piece of writing in which you introduce yourself to the university or college to which you apply. Writing a traditional essay is not easy because there are specific rules that should be followed while writing, so you can imagine what can happen when you decide to write a personal statement. It will be more difficult because you are going to write about yourself not about a general topic with easy themes that can be taken from different sources. Writing a personal statement requires concentration and organization for all the ideas that you have about yourself as a student. Having several ideas or even a few ideas which are good is not enough for you to write your personal statement. You need first to know how to write a personal statement to be able to expose your ideas.


The personal statement is like a written interview in which you introduce yourself to the employer trying to persuade that person that you are qualified enough for getting the job that you are applying for. The only source for writing a personal statement is you as you are the only one who can write about yourself to persuade others that you really deserve to be given the opportunity of being enrolled in the university that you are applying to.


The important message that you need to convey through your personal statement is that you are a suitable candidate for the course. You need to make your personal statement unique because there are many applicants who apply to the same university or college that you are applying to. Other applicants may have the same grades, degrees, skills that you have and this is why you have to do your best to make yourself different from others.


The personal statement is your only chance to show all of the points of strength that you possess. It is not necessary for you to get the highest grades and degrees to be different from other applicants and to persuade the university that you are a good applicant. Look for the skills and abilities that you have and can attract the attention of others. You have to bear in mind that all what is exposed in your personal statement should be related to the course that you are applying for.


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