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How People Celebrate Mother’s Day Worldwide?!

In the middle east: They celebrated Mother’s Day on 21st March, when “Spring” season starts with its colorful roses and flowers. Husbands and children are used to bring gifts to their mothers, aunts, grandmothers or even teachers. The gifts could be cards, cakes, handmade sweets or arrangements of flowers, while schools often help the children to make Mother’s Day cards to give to their mothers. Schools also organize concerts to amuse the mothers.




In India: they celebrated Mother’s Day for about 10 years. Following the U.S. lead, they celebrated Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May and is focused on giving thanks to mothers for their work every day with the family. In small villages, celebrations focus on music and dance with a mother at the center of attention. But, in the larger metropolitan areas, such as Delhi, it takes a more commercial approach with women’s clothing shops, restaurants and other retail businesses advertising specials for mothers.


Mother’s Day


In the United Kingdom: they celebrated Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent, normally sometime in March. In the United Kingdom, this day is referred to Mothering Day. It began as a day to attend the “Mother Church” where the Virgin Mary was honored. After World War II, the holiday became more of a day to honor mothers in the family. Husbands and children bring the fresh flowers from local growers as a favorite gift as well as the handmade sweets. They also have a traditional sweet gift which is the Mothering or Simnel Cake, notes WHSV-TV. This is a fruit cake frosted with two layers of almond paste, one in the middle and one on top.


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In the United States: mothers are treated like royalty by their children and husbands on Mother’s Day. While schools often help the children to create some art projects and cards to give to their mothers. Beside that, the churches and schools organize plays and concerts to amuse the mothers. Men send cards and floral arrangements from flower delivery services to their mothers and wives.





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