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Papyrus Greeting Cards … SPECIAL Gift For Your Friend

Papyrus greeting cards, its name illustrated to us that they are made of papyrus sheets .

What is the origin of Papyrus sheets and where it grow ?

Papyrus sheets are plants grow in egypt on the sides of the Nile river . It’s one of the first and oldest kind of papers . The pharaohs were using it in different ways of life .

First , they cut it into slices , put it on each other and compress it with a private technique. The pharaohs were using the papers in writings and paintings . They also were using papyrus in making boats, shoes , beds , boxes and many other different things. Papyrus sheets are very useful in the industrial field.

egyptian_sphinx_on_papyrus_greeting_card-p137310548042961033b21fb_400 Papyrus Greeting Cards ... SPECIAL Gift For Your Friend

Nowadays , papyrus sheets are used in a lot of different fields like painting  islamic , Coptic and pharaonic paintings . It also can be used in making greeting cards , invitation cards , birthdays cards , calendar , personal cards , wallpapers and maps .

Papyrus greeting cards are available in all libraries in different colours , shapes and sizes .

Papyrus greeting cards are very precious and a gift which you should keep it clean all the time , because of its value as  a rare kind of papers .

If you want to make a special card for a friend , you should bring papers , papyrus sheets , glue and colours to make a perfect card that will represent your personality .

Papyrus greeting cards are now available in everywhere , not in egypt only ; but in all libraries of all countries and are in different colours, shapes , and sizes . You have the option to choose what suits your occasion .

egyptian_cat_cartouche_monogram_greeting_card_e-p137123862521839332b2wgi_400 Papyrus Greeting Cards ... SPECIAL Gift For Your Friend

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