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Editorial Pandela Review:

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – that’s the area of web hosting that Pandela specialises in. VPS is supposed to provide complete functionality at less cost while being a more secure platform. It is also considered to be ‘greener’ and therefore, cleaner. VPS is best suited for clients having requirements that cannot be met by shared hosting solutions, but are not yet ready for dedicate server hosting. Pandela catered to a somewhat niche market, providing root access, unlimited websites, installation of any software, etc. without having to pay set-up fees.

Meanwhile, a company called UltraHosting Inc. acquired the company in the middle of 2008 to broaden its own offerings of managed services and being a collocation provider. UltraHosting itself is a subsidiary of Momentum Advanced Solutions Inc., making the latter a unique entity in the hosting marketplace.

Momentum and its family of hosting companies, including Pandela, offers state of the art facilities from 3 sites at Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada. There are over 150 staff members and more than 200 certified technicians from Cisco, Sun, Microsoft, Xen, and a host of other top partners to support any and every client’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in the year.


Pandela Hosting Price Structure:

Pandela’s Linus VPS Plans include:
* L5 – 256 MB RAM with 5 GB storage at a monthly cost of $ 19.00
* L10 – 256 MB RAM with 10 GB storage and $ 29.00 monthly charges
* L20 – 348MB RAM with 20 GB storage and $ 39.00 per month as charges.

Similarly, the Windows VPS Plans have the following configuration:
* W5 – 348MB RAM, 5 to 10 GB storage, costing $ 29.00 per month
* W10 – 348MB RAM, 10 GB storage, $ 39.00 per month
* W20 – 512MB RAM, 20 GB storage and $ 49.00 per month price tag.

There are also a number of Windows Hyper-V Plans providing more storage capacity, running at greater speed and of course …. costing progressively more!



Pandela Web Hosting Features:

VPS web hosting divides a physical server into virtual multiple servers, each with its own full fledged operating system and opportunity to reboot separately from the others. Customers who have outgrown shared web hosting but do not yet need a dedicated server will find Pandela’s plans best suited in terms of technology, security and affordability. Although it is a fact that VPS hosting requires more administration than shared hosting, the highly knowledgeable support team is always able to show the customer the best methods to overcome any concerns.




Ideally suited for both individuals and small as well as medium enterprises, Pandela’s VPS web hosting packages offers the best value for money. There is flexibility as well as privacy with full root access. In the current economic scenario, a person has to optimise like never before. So what more could you ask for? You may land up regretting not joining up … so take the powerful leap and look forward to a golden future by taking on the Pandela web hosting

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