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About Page.ly WordPress Hosting:

Page.ly hosting is a hosting system for WordPress and was founded in 2009 by Joshua and Sally Strebel. Page.ly was created to help WordPress users with the technical aspects of their blogs and is the leading WordPress hosting company specifically designed for WordPress blog users. It IS premium WordPress hosting and takes care of everything from setup to installing plugins, multiedit to backing it all up and protecting it from security issues and hacks.


Page.ly Popularity Review:

&u Page.ly Wordpress Hosting Review & Page.ly Promo Codes
Page.ly Popularity Review


Why I Like Page.ly Services & Features:

Is Page.ly any Good?

Page.ly offers many features that I found to be really valuable to my wordpress site.

They have been malware and hack free since they started over 793 days ago and that says a lot to me!
I can use any theme or plugin I want to use
Set up is quick and easy… how does two minutes sound?
They conduct automatic nightly backups that protect my blog’s content
There are automatic plugin and software upgrades
They are backed by firehost, to ensure the safety of their hosting services

And these are just a few of the many features I loved about page.ly. I have never felt so secure in my hosting before, and they have proven themselves to be a reliable and legitimate company that I have no intention of leaving.

Page.ly takes care of updates, set up and security so all I had to do was add the content I wanted. All of the technical stuff is done for me and that has been a huge benefit for me since I didn’t always know how to navigate around and do those updates, etc.

There are no contracts, so if I wanted to cancel my hosting plan with them, or wanted to cancel a certain blog and start another one, I am not locked into to a contract where I can get penalized. Page.ly guarantees 100% uptime which is really important to my businesses.


Page.ly Reliability & Security:

When my servers are down, I’m losing clients and money and that just isn’t acceptable. I don’t have to worry about that here. All servers are protected by Firehost, plus have nightly updates and backups, ensuring the safety of my blog content.

Page.ly’s reliability is second to none with NO hacks or malware attacks since they started their company, not even one. With 793 days under their belt, that is very impressive statistics to not have had even one issue with hacking when so many other server companies are dealing with that problem.


Page.ly Hosting Prices:

Their costs are higher of course, which no one necessarily likes to pay, however, it is more than worth it and despite the fact that I could get cheaper hosting elsewhere, nowhere else would give me the peace of mind and focused WordPress knowledge that Page.ly gives me for my money.

pagely-pricing Page.ly Wordpress Hosting Review & Page.ly Promo Codes
Page.ly Hosting Prices


Page.ly Support:

Customer Page.ly support is second to none. They have a forum to answer simpler questions and if I need them for something not on the forum, they are right there ready to help. If there is ever a problem, I can count on Page.ly’s customer support to come through.


Page.ly Promo Codes & Discount Coupons:

This company may offer Page.ly promo codes, discounts or Page.ly promotional coupons from time to time like in its birthday.

But now it has NO coupons and without any Page.ly promo codes, this company already offer their best discounted prices which are real bargain for their quality, reliability, features and security.



If you have a WordPress site, I highly recommend using Page.ly wordpress hosting for your business needs. Not only will you have excellent set up help and protection for your site, but you will have the expertise of a company that is focused on ONE platform, so they are definitely specialized in WordPress sites and that is priceless.


  1. Malware and hacker-free really sounds impressive. I’ve been hacked several times because I use wordpress but I do my hosting through GoDaddy and hostgator. Each time I am hacked, they charge a fee of $75 to get my account back and it’s a big long process.

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