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Editorial PacificHost Review: Is PacificHost Web Hosting Good For Your Needs?

PacificHost is a company that has been providing customers quality hosting since 1999. They offer cPanel reseller and cPanel website hosting services. It has been their responsibility to offer feature-rich and quality services which make them stand out from the rest.

However, The question is: Is PacificHost any good?


Pacific Host Review of Features:

I’ll try in this PacificHost Review to explain its features in details depending on many customer Pacific Host Reviews:

Pacific Host offer variety of products and services while at the same time putting them all in different packages to suit a customer’s needs.


Pacific Host features include the following:

  • US Based customer support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • Easy Control Panel for FREE
  • FREE Pacific Host Site Builder
  • Top-tier Bandwidth UNLIMITED
  • Raid Disk Space UNLIMITED
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Server Technology is LiteSpeed
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a closer look of what to expect with Easy Space:

  • Cost:

Affordability is the key to Pacific Host’s in winning the hearts of their loyal and new customers. There are products and services that will fit to anyone’s budget which is good.

  • Products and Services Offered:
    • For Web Hosting packages: Basic at $2.49/month, Advanced at $6.99/month, and Ultra at $10.99/month
    • For Business Hosting packages: Premium at $14.99/month, Professional at $24.99/month and Enterprise at $34.99/month.
    • For Reseller Hosting packages: Economy at $11.99/month, Signature at $17.99/month and Advantage at $34.99/month
    • For VPS Hosting packages: VP1 at $11.99/month, VP2 at $29.99/month, VP3 at $39.99, VP4 at $69.99, VP5 at $89.99/month, VP6 at $119.99/month, VP7 at $149.99, VP8 at $179.99, and VP9 at $209.99
    • For Dedicated Server packages: Entry at $99/month, Core at $159/month, Turbo at $239/month, and Extreme at $319/month.
  • The good thing about Pacific Host is that the bigger package you will take, the more power and features you will get.


Pacific Host Review of Reliability:

Pacific Host is a reliable hosting company who offers superb products as well as services at an affordable price. They even have a long list of loyal customers who until now are still satisfied with the services that they get from the company. There has been less or close to nothing issues like delivering slow service or lame support to the customers. Truly, they are a great company to deal with.


Customer support
Pacific Host Review of Customer Support:

When it comes to customer support, Pacific Host never fails to give 101% customer satisfaction. Whether client need some assistance in starting up or need help for a technical issue, there will always be someone to extend a helping hand 24/7.

Pacific Host has three departments that you can contact to in terms of your concern: pre-sales department, technical support department & billing and service request department.

All these sections include many ways of contact:

  • Email
  • Support Ticket – through going to their helpdesk.
  • Live Chat
  • Toll Free Number For U.S. and Canada – dial 1-800-6590 extension 1
    • Fax number – 1-888-225-0434
    • Direct – 1-916-514-5234
    • International – 1-916-514-5236

Office hours: 24/7, 365 days in a year chat and ticket support; phone lines will be from Mondays-Fridays 10AM-6PM PST.

It is very evident that when it comes to customer support, Pacific Host takes this seriously. They want that every customer from pre-sales, technical way up to billing, they have the right people to answer all queries, problems and issues.


What I didn’t Like in Pacific Host:

Many people may ask: Is PacificHost Bad? & What are PacificHost problems? & What are PacificHost complaints?

Phone support is only available from Mondays-Fridays. Although all other support methods are still available all time, but I should mention that here in this Pacific Host review.


The Bottomline:

I did my best to show you every thing honestly in that Pacific Host review.

Pacific Host is by far one of the best hosting companies. Why? It is because the company gives off affordable products and services while delivering quality customer support for their customers.

There are some companies who are lame when it comes to giving assistance to their customers; Pacific Host is not like that. The company is always there for a customer from the moment he will make a purchase, setting up, and even when it comes to payment, they are there to make every customer feel secured and safe all throughout the process.


Customer ratings
Conclusion of this Pacific Host Review:

To conclude, Pacific Host is getting definitely two thumbs up. One is for quality services and products and another one for superb customer support.

With a customer support of 24/7, 365 days a year and 45-day money back guarantee, this simply show that Pacific Host is true to their mission of delivering nothing but quality services along with awarded customer service.


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Yes, Pacific Host company offer many high value coupons and PacificHost promotional codes.

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