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25+ Orange Bedroom Decor and Design Ideas for 2017

Bedroom is the most intimate part of any home, therefore bedrooms designs, decors and colors reflect their owners characters and preferences. Preparing for the new year, new bedroom colors and designs appeared. Orange, as a rich color of many degrees, is part of 2017 color palettes of renowned paint companies like Behr and Benjamin Moore. A bright orange in your bedroom help you feel younger and express yourself confidently, and for the lovers of fall there are the burnt and brownish oranges to add autumn touch to their bedrooms; and do not forget the light and yellowish degrees.

Orange degrees of 2017 in bedrooms

Two of Behr’s three color sets of 2017 include oranges; in the Confident Palette there is a bright orange paint Behr calls ‘Fired Up’, and a pale yellowish degree ‘Golden Hearted’ among the Comfortable Palette.

In this subset palette of the Confident set, Behr employs dusky blue, vibrant orange and a midtone gray with a hint of brown.

And here is another coordinated palette of bright orange along with ethereal gray, natural tinted mint and sunshine yellow. Behr also recommend using vibrant orange, as a welcoming color, in entryways.

Benjamin Moore employ a deep amber orange, Etruscan, in their 2017 color trends. They coordinated two orange palettes; one comprises orange, pale yellow and chocolate brown, and the other orange, mid-tone gray and light yellow.


Bedroom design and decor trends for 2017

There’s a tendency to expand the employment of dark colors in bedrooms, however dark accent is more often done on the furniture or textile. The use of contrasting color combinations is a main trend in 2017.

Quiet pastel colors maintain its place in 2017 as bedroom favored colors to modern interior designers and their clients. Behr’s Comfortable Palette, for example, is of pastels.

There is also use of wood or materials imitating it not only in the furniture but also for finishing the bedrooms decor. Natural materials like brick and wood is highly valued in 2017 designs due to the warm and comfortable feelings they convey.

Interior designers in 2017 are interested in large glass windows and walls to allow the light to fill all around the room, which ultimately produces bright and comfortable bedrooms. Also rooms with high glass windows are desirable too.

Mixing classic and contemporary designs is another feature of 2017 bedroom designs. And also multifunctional designs are both elegant and prctical which served small bedrooms and enhanced their interior design.

Also creative ideas that add original character to the bedrooms are sought in 2017 interior design.

Simplicity of decorations and interior designs are blended with luxurious furnishings and details.

One more feature is the creative employments of LED built-in lights to enhance the interior design and decor.