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Zales Jewelry store has a colorful history which started in 1924 at Wichita Falls, Texas. Three men with the desire to offer quality jewelry at affordable prices to common people combine their resources to create this store. This vision became a reality and Zales Jewelers was the first to offer a credible plan to customers. Today, Zales is rated by jewelry lovers as one of the most admired sources for jewelry.

When you check Zales jewelry store reviews, there are mostly positive feedback from customers. Besides been regarded as one of the well-known names for fine jewelry, Zales is offering the right collection of jewelry pieces and watches to suit everyone’s requirements. Zales Diamond Store is confident that everyone will find the ideal piece of fine jewelry with the best value and the highest quality.

After opening for business in 1924, Zales Jewelry store opened twelve other outlets by 1941. They still continued to offer the credit plan, quality service and the most affordable prices to become one of the leading international jewelry companies. Zales main objective is to provide a wide variety of fine jewelry to mainstream buyers.

Apart from designing their own jewelry, they also carry brand name jewelry for affordable prices. Since their prices are within the range that the wider population can afford, Zales became the number one jewelry store in North America with the largest collection of diamond on sale. They boast collections in contemporary and classic styles as well as a bridal jewelry collection which makes up the most of their business. In addition to diamonds, Zales also provide gold gems and cultured pearls.
With all that success, over the years there have been announcements for Zales jewelry store closings. In 2008, 105 locations were closed, plus 191 more in 2009.

Today, Zales has expanded to online retail which allows them to offer their jewelry collections to more customers across the United States. Zales jewelry store online is offering discounts on many items including family pieces of jewelry and bridal sets. In addition, a clearance sale is offered for many jewelry designs to reduce the selling price by as much as 70%. They also have other attractive promotions which include free FedEx shipping. Zales jewelry store coupons are also available to help customers save even more when shopping online.

In addition to offering a wide selection of jewelry for sale, Company provides a product knowledge page to educate customers about the proper maintenance and care of their jewelry. Zales also has a unique credit card that customers can use online as well as other jewelry store locations in America.

Overall, Zales Jewelry store online is offering customers the lowest prices and more flexibility because they are given the opportunity to design their own jewelry. Whether they want wedding bands, engagement rings, and other personal pieces, Zales customers are able to create unique jewelry to match their style and personality.

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