Online Dating: Read Reviews to Avoid Frustration

Modern people are lucky as they can easily communicate with others from almost any part of the world, easily make acquaintances, just sitting at home, and experience completely new horizons. We have access to social networks for every taste, dating websites and apps, all kinds of forums, and thematic chats. You can meet and chat online, almost anywhere.

On the one hand, all of the above is a significant advantage. But on the other hand, the abundance of websites for online communication is not always good. Many people simply don’t know what to really pay attention to and which services shall be avoided. The situation is complicated by marketing on the Internet. Too often, you can find advertising services and websites that are definitely not worthy of your attention and time. Therefore, we will give you the main advice: always read reviews about a particular resource not to be disappointed in the end.

The Rapid Development of Dating Sphere and the Tricks of its Statistics

The triumphal procession of dating websites and anonymous online video chat on the Internet began in 2009-2010. It was at this time that the rapid development of the Internet in general and platforms for communication, in particular, took place. At that time, they were a new phenomenon and aroused a lot of interest among the users. For example, video chat Omegle at its best times showed statistics of one and a half to two million visits per day. Now, this figure is much less – about 150 thousand.

With the gender ratio, it’s not so simple either. For example, a dating app or a website can actively demonstrate its viewing statistics, but at the same time keep silent about the percentage of genders. But this is sometimes much more important than the number of active users. A vivid proof of this is the anonymous Chatroulette video chat. The website quickly grew an active audience, but it did not have full moderation. As a result, the number of inadequate users has grown rapidly. And adequate users, in particular girls, left the website. Thus, disappointing statistics were formed in Chatroulette – the number of girls here rarely exceeded 15-20% of the total number of online users. Although at the same time, general statistics on website visits were kept at a rather high level. And this once again confirms that you need to read reviews and not blindly believe the statistics.

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Websites, Apps and Video Chats with Positive Reviews

We want to give another piece of advice: do not trust exclusively positive reviews about new services. As a rule, they are bought and do not even reveal the true state of affairs. If you see some new platform and 5-7 good reviews on it, they are probably not real. Anyway, reviews about such websites and apps are best looked for on respected third-party resources. We suggest you take a look at some popular dating websites that have worked well on the Internet and have already collected thousands of positive reviews from real users.

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1 Tinder

This is rightfully one of the most popular dating apps in the world for iOS and Android. Moreover, here the audience often seeks long-term serious relationships. Therefore, in the application and on the Tinder website, you can meet not only young people but also people of any age who are looking for a soulmate.

The peak of Tinder’s popularity was 2016 when the application was in first place on the download list in AppStore. Users noted an interesting format for interacting with accounts of other users, simple and intuitive controls, the convenience of communicating with new people. However, it should be noted that in 2018, part of the audience left Tinder. The reason was that after the update, it was impossible to use the application without linking the phone number. Not everyone liked it, and many stopped using the website.

Negative reviews came soon – at that moment, the authority of the resource was significantly shaken. Nevertheless, Tinder remains one of the most popular dating websites/dating apps in the world. Noteworthy, there are really a lot of women there.

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2 OkCupid

This is a very popular American website with a huge user base – more than 50 million people. The average age of participants is from 25 to 34 years. And the reason for this popularity is in a rather original approach to finding a partner. When you register on the OkCupid website, you need to not only upload a profile photo and tell a little about yourself but also give answers to questions. Moreover, the fact that other users make up these questions is curious. They indicate the desired answers to them. In the same way, you can make questions and highlight the desired answers. When a person who answers as you wish appears in the system, you will learn about it and will be able to start communication.

Reviews about OkCupid can hardly be called unambiguous. Some say that interacting with a website takes too much time. But others argue that this is exactly what helps to find the perfect match. Both sides are right in their own way.

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3 Omegle

No comments are needed here. Omegle is the first anonymous video chat in history, based on which hundreds of analogs and clones were created. Tens and hundreds of thousands of people visit it daily. And there are a lot of reviews about it at all kinds of sites. As well as quite comprehensive reviews. Although in the case of Omegle, it’s easier to try the service yourself and make your own opinion about it.

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4 CooMeet

This video chat is designed to help make acquaintances with the opposite gender. That is, if you are a man, then the system will not connect you with other men. And, according to reviews of CooMeet, this is the most important advantage of the website. After all, most classic chat roulettes pick up interlocutors randomly. For many, CooMeet has become a true discovery of recent years, the best alternative to dating websites and random video chats. Therefore, we recommend that you definitely try, and if you want to make sure that CooMeet suits you, look at the reviews on

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