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One.com Hosting Company Review of its Features and Services

Being one of the Web host and supplier of Web related services, One.com from its location in Denmark has been declared by its customers as an innovative company. Since its establishment in the year 2002, the firm has emerged a leading provider of domain names and sales related to web hosting.

In a period running from 2002 after the company set up, the company grew rapidly with thousands of customers in more than 140 countries and has been able to attend to millions of E-mails and billions of questions being posted in their website all round the month.

One.com Features:
The company is currently healthy financially with over 70 employees and still targeting to deliver the best in the future market. So much benefit has come with this web hosting company. Who would not enjoy the opportunity of unlimited email accounts as well as bandwidth and the most affordable web hosting package? One.com provides this for you. It ensures accessibility and it is reachable almost every time to serve you better. The only drawback that comes with it as compared to other web host companies is the amount of web space that they provide. All is perfect as concerns the other services that can be offered by any other web host and very excellent. One.com. is worth a trial and will answer your web host queries, so, why do you want to be any where else?

One.com Price Value:
One.com is honest and frank with the value of prices that they put on your services. This is basically the reason why the over affordable services to the clients and with the least cost for their services. Other companies will have big storage capacities in terms of gigabytes with higher prices but this does not mean that the services that they offer will be reliable. This secret is aimed at enabling the customer to pay for the best that they can deliver to them successfully. Besides their web hosting is protected from virus attacks as well as spam, equipped with free web editing, blogging, and my SQL database among others. One more service that they do not provide is a free email account but with them, this comes at an affordable price.

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For a web host to be reliable, this calls for back ups implementation. To achieve this, they have been able to put in place a private connection of 10Gbit fiber located a distance of 10 km from the main server location. The enhancement of HP hardware and redundant power supplies is reflected with SCSI disk, generators operating on fuel and redundant batteries. The Gbit extended connection is distributed in three other major carriers globally to ensure that the operation is monitored all around the year.

All functions that are related to the website and administrative purposes reside on the control panel and the customers are advised to use the icons that they find easy to understand.

One.com Customer Support:
The customer needs the necessary support to see them gain success in what ever they do. They are able to provide 24 hours chat services and email query services. To be able to serve the globe, they provide all this support in different languages running from English, Dutch and many others.

One.com Coupon Code:

One.com will provide coupon codes or Special Discounts on its hosting plans. Click on the “View Coupon Code” button below to determine if a One.com web hosting promo code or special discount is currently available.

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hostingreview One.com Hosting Company Review of its Features and Services


  1. I was looking a long time for a good web hosting for my website.
    I must say, I am very happy to be hosted by One.com! Their prices are very competitive. They use very reliable servers, their service is great and the on line help is very efficient!

    I surely recommend this to everyone who needs a fresh and dynamic web hosting package…

  2. we have been hosted by one.com for 8 years. during all these years we hadn’t any problem to ask one.com for help. Once we asked them for help and they answered us after 2 weeks playing with our time, in a situation our website was down for technical problem and waiting for one.com helps.

    We are happy finally we finished working with one.com and we transferred our domain to new host.

    Strongly we do not recommend you to use one.com

  3. I’ve only used one other host provider and found them to be superior to one.com
    One.com is cheaper but you don’t get the same level of customer support, you can only speak to the service personnel through a live chat which can be frustrating.
    when you are running a business, while costs are a concern, time is also valuable!

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