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Obliterate obesity

1- All of us know the basic elements in fat loss programs; they are (nutrition, cardio, interval training …etc.). But we miss the fifth important element of fat loss, it is “The social support” which has a huge amount of the success of your fat loss program.

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2- Make a positive impact on the world, help others to succeed in achieving their dream body, you can support them and be the ideal who they want to be. Tell them about your experience in fat loss world and how you manage to reach your goal and calm them down by saying that “it’s not impossible, it’s very easy to achieve your goal”.

3- You will achieve good results if you feel like you are part of a team as it is a totally different matter when you take part in an activity with thousands of people. For example, try to do your usual walking exercise alone and do this another day with group of people who have a common goal with you, notice your rage in the two cases. In another way “unity” is the key to fat loss.

4- Implementation of your fat loss program with group of people with the mutual respect, makes you more active to complete your program and reach your goal as everyone shares similar values and beliefs.

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